39 Smart Summer Organization Tips

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39 Smart Summer Organization TipsHere in the United States, the Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer.

It’s time for warmer weather, longer days, and a slower, more relaxed pace.

In this post, I offer a collection of thirty-nine tips to help you get your summer off to a great start.

The tips are organized into individual sections for easy reference.

Here’s to a great summer!

Summer Organization Tips for Home

Summer Reading Tips

Organizing Tip: How to Organize Your Summer Reading List

Ready to make a dent in that stack of best-sellers? Effectively plan your summer reading list with these convenient tools.

How to Easily Organize the Blogs You Read with Bloglovin’

Catch up on your favorite blogs and bloggers using Bloglovin’. Find new summertime recipes, wardrobe ideas, vacation ideas and more!

How to Easily Read Blogs in One Place with Alltop

For a no-nonsense, text-based, straightforward blog aggregator, check out Alltop.

How to Actually Use the Tips You’ve Read in an Article

This post is for all those times you read DIY and lifehack articles and want to put what you’ve learned into action.

Relaxation Tips

Feeling Stressed Out? Switch Off Your Smart Phone

Turning off your smart phone is as easy way to take a digital vacation.

How to Really Enjoy Your Next Vacation

Are you ready to make your next vacation one to remember? Follow these tips.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Stressed Out About Your Schedule

Three words: relax, relax, relax. These pointers will help you put things in perspective.

How to Have a Relaxing Weekend

Can’t get away for the weekend? Have a staycation and enjoy your time at home.

Productivity Tip: Turn Off That Monkey Mind

Give your mind a much-needed break with these practical tips.

Time Management Tip: Live in the Moment

When’s the last time you enjoyed everything that was going on around you? These tips will help you do just that.

Summertime Organization Tips

Organizing Tip: Organizing a Vacation

You’ve planned your vacation time, the only thing left is to get everything in order. Here’s what to do.

How to Prepare an Itinerary

Having a vacation itinerary makes traveling a breeze. Learn how to prepare your own itinerary with these tips.

How to Organize a Potluck Dinner

Organizing a potluck may seem complicated, but these simple steps will make it easier for you enjoy a tasty summertime party with your friends.

How to Successfully Pack a Carry on Bag

Going away for a few days via plane? It pays to learn how to pack a small, carry-on bag.

How to Organize Nail Supplies

Break out the sandals, wedges, and flip-flops: it’s manicure and pedicure season. Put your supplies in order with this mini-tutorial.

Organizing Tip: Quiz – Should You Hold a Garage or Yard Sale?

You’re tempted to hold a garage sale, but is it even worth the effort? This quiz can help you make an honest decision.

Organizing Tip: How to Organize a Garage or Yard Sale

Learn how to put together a smooth-running yard sale with these tips.

A Helpful Yard Sale Materials Checklist

Organize your next yard sale with the help of this convenient checklist.

Party Planning Tips

Organizing Tip: How to Organize a Party

It’s time to party! Organize any type of party with these universal tips.

How to Organize a Fourth of July Party

Celebrate Independence Day by throwing your very own party.

Organizing a Memorial Day BBQ or Picnic

Enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family by holding an outdoor barbecue or picnic.

What to Keep in Mind When Organizing an Event at a Hotel

Throwing an event at a hotel this season? Here’s what you need to know.

10 Tips to Help You Plan a Large Party or Event

Event planning doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s ten tips to help you out.

How to Be an Organized Event Planner

These tips will help you keep things in order, and keep you cool, calm, and collected.

Organizing Tip: Event Planning 101 – How to Organize the Layout of an Event

Easily keep track of the different “scenes” of your next with this helpful tutorial.

Organizing Tip: Event Planning 101 – What to Keep in Mind When Planning a Large Event

Large events have their own set of issues and concerns. Stay one step forward with these tips.

Summer Organization Tips for Work

Summer Workday Tips

How to Be Productive at Work When There’s Nothing to Do

Tuck this post in your back pocket for when your work flow has come to a slow trickle or at a dead stop.

How to Spend Your Time When a Meeting is Canceled

Canceled meeting? Here’s how to effectively spend your time.

How to Create a Productive Work Environment

Boost your productivity with a few thoughtful modifications.

How to Be Productive at Work on Fridays

Fridays at work during the summertime can be productive. Here’s how to get things done.

How to Choose a Paper Planner

Did you know? After January, the months of July and August are common start dates for paper planners. Get a jump on picking the perfect planner for your needs with these tips.

How to Organize Receipts for an Expense Report

Back from a recent business trip or finally getting around to wrapping up the loose ends of a springtime trip? This post will help you organize those receipts for your expense report.

Want to Stop Working Late at Work? Just Work

A friendly reminder to hunker down at the office during work hours, so you can leave on time and enjoy beautiful summer evenings!

Summer Vacation Preparation Tips

Productivity Tip: How to Work with a Colleague Who is Leaving for Vacation

Your colleague is leaving for a three-week vacation. Is it time to stress out? Nope, it’s time to work well together.

Organizing Tip: How to Organize Your First Day Back from Vacation

Your first day back from vacation doesn’t have to be a chaotic one. Follow these simple tips for a smoother entrance to work.

Time Management Tip: Preparing for a Vacation at Work

Learn how to manage your time the week before your vacation with these helpful tips.

Organizing Tip: Post-Vacation Organization

Keep your home neat and tidy after you arrive home from vacation? You bet.

How to Have a Productive First Day Back from Vacation

Make the most of your first day back from a summer vacation with these pointers.

How about you? Are you looking forward to the summertime? Which of these tips will you try out for a more organized summer? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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