6 Ways to Get Organized for Spring

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image of a crowd of people and flowers and the phrase, 6 Ways to Get Organized This SpringAre you looking to get organized this spring?

Perhaps you’re interested in doing some spring cleaning, holding a yard sale, or just tidying things up.

In this post, you’ll find a collection of spring related posts that will help you get organized this season.

Get ready, get set, and get organized!

Wrap up wintertime.

It’s important to do a winter wrap-up before you begin your spring cleaning.

Washing and storing coats and jackets and putting away winter accessories and toys are a must before you get ready for spring activities.

When you’ve wrapped up wrintertime, you can easily bring out the patio furniture, barbecue grill, and strappy shoes.

Do some decluttering.

Before you get weighed down in scrubbing, sweeping, and vacuuming, it’s worth doing a bit of decluttering in your home.

This will make it easier to physically clean items.

Tackle these five common clutter areas in your home, or try your hand at this massive list of decluttering projects.

Clean your home…with a plan.

Ready to sweep away winter? Make your cleaning that much more productive by working off of a spring cleaning task checklist. Be sure to review your checklist and plan out tasks in advance. It’s best not to try to clean everything in an entire day!

Organize cleaning supplies.

Heavy duty cleaning, or any cleaning for that matter, demands proper organization and storage of cleaning supplies. This might seem like an extra step, but organizing your cleaning supplies will make it easier to find and use the right tool(s) for any cleaning job. 

Spruce up a tired office.

Don’t let your home get all the attention when it comes to spring cleaning. There are plenty of office spring cleaning tasks that will make your workspace organized, neat, and tidy. If you’re looking to refresh your office, a thorough cleaning could be just what you need.

Hold a garage or yard sale.

One way to effectively declutter your home is to hold a garage or yard sale. You can get rid of items you no longer want or need, and maybe make a few bucks in the process.  Keep in mind that organizing and holding a garage sale is no easy feat; there’s a lot of time and preparation involved. Wondering if you should hold a garage or yard sale in the first place? This short quiz will help you decide.

How about you? How will you get organized this spring? Which of the above tips will you use? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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