Organizing Tip: Quiz – Should You Hold a Garage or Yard Sale?

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Quiz - Should You Hold a Garage or Yard Sale?Are you thinking about holding a garage or yard sale this summer?

Sitting on the fence as to whether or not you should hold one?

Holding a garage/yard sale might seem like an easy thing to pull off over any summer weekend, but there’s actually a lot of work involved including preparation, the sale and clean up.

Today’s post is a mini-quiz to help you organize your thoughts and decide whether or not you should hold a garage/yard sale.

Answer the following ten questions and make note of your answer for each question (a piece of scrap paper will come in handy):

Question 1. Do you already have in mind what you want to sell at your sale?

A. Yes, everything is sitting in boxes in my garage, ready to be sold
B. Kinda, there’s some odds and ends in the attic, garage and basement, plus a bag of clothes somewhere that no longer fit me
C. No, I’d have to go through my house/garage and pick out what I’d want to get rid of

Question 2. Do you have the time to hold your sale?

A. Yes, my weekend is free and clear!
B. Maybe, if I moved around my errands, shopping and spa date with my girlfriends
C. No way, I’m way too busy on the weekends with the kids and other social events

Question 3. Are you prepared to sit around for long periods of time without any customers and then be inundated with lots of customers?

A. Yup, I don’t mind being outside and waiting for people to arrive
B. Eh, I’d rather just get it over and done with
C. No, I don’t like large crowds or having to wait for people to arrive

Question 4. How will you advertise or spread word about your sale?

A. I’ll make up flyers, tell my friends and neighbors about it, hold out a giant sign near the busy main street near my house the day of the sale
B. Maybe make up one flyer and place it on the community center bulletin board?
C. I honestly haven’t thought about this…

Question 5. Are you comfortable having friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers coming to your home and/or property?

A. Yes, the more the merrier!
B. Well, I’d like to have people visit but not stick around for a long time
C. No.

Question 6. Do you want to be rid of your unwanted items quickly and easily?

A. Not really, I don’t mind if they stick around my place for a while
B. Yeah, it’d be nice to get this unwanted stuff out of my house
C. Yes, yes and yes!

Question 7. Are you looking to make a lot of money from your sale?

A. Nah, it’s just fun to be outside and meet and chat with my neighbors
B. I’ll take what I can get
C. Definitely!

Question 8. What will you do with items post-sale?

A. I’ll put items back into my garage and bring everything out the following weekend for another sale
B. Post-sale? I think everything will be sold
C. Huh?

Question 9. Are you ready to prepare a contingency plan for items that don’t sell?

A. Yup, no problem!
B. Well, I’d rather not have to worry about items post-sale
C. No.

Question 10. Does your neighborhood/community/building allow for garage or yard sales?

A. Yes, I’ve checked this out already and anyone can hold a sale
B. I’m not sure…I’d have to call someone to find out
C. No, sales are not allowed at all

Now it’s time to score your quiz…should you hold a garage or yard sale?

Mostly A’s – I’m ready to hold the sale!

You are ready, willing and able to put in the time, effort and energy to organize the sale. You have a plan in place for what you want to sell, how you will advertise as well as clean-up plans after the sale. You’re not so much interested in getting rid of stuff in one fell swoop, but this is perfectly fine for you. Roll up your sleeves, make your plans and hold the sale!

Mostly B’s – I’m sitting on the fence

You’re not sure whether or not to hold a sale. Part of you is interested in putting the sale together, yet another part of you is begging for you to reconsider putting in all that time, energy and effort to prepare one. Think hard about whether or not you want to hold the sale and be brutally honest with yourself. If you feel more annoyed about the thought of holding the sale, you probably shouldn’t do it (see below). If you really are willing to do it, know that it will take a lot of hard work (see above)

Mostly C’s – I definitely don’t want to be bothered

If your goal is to get rid of items you no longer want or need without much effort, you’d probably be better off skipping the garage/yard sale. There’s no sense in wasting your time organizing an event you really don’t want to hold. Either recycle or donate the items you want to be rid of in the first place; or if items are too far gone to be salvageable, then it’s probably time to trash them. Get rid of the items you no longer want and call it a day!

Now to you…how did you fare in this quiz? Were you thinking about holding a garage or yard sale but have now reconsidered? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!


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10 Responses


    I wasn’t really thinking of having one, but your quiz confirmed that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me right now. What a fun way to learn!

    • Rashelle

      I’m glad you found the quiz helpful! Sometimes it helps to do a little organizing/thinking to see if it’s even worthwhile to tackle a project. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  2. Linda Samuels

    Rashelle- What a fabulous quiz! You put so much thought into it and know it will be valuable for those that are pondering the “Do I want to have a garage sale or not?” question. We just had one last month and it was not only fun, but a big success. The success came in the form of financial return, clearer spaces, and community building. It was worth the effort.

    One other tip. We also used social media to advertise in addition to hanging up posters around town. It was a fun, quick and no cost way to advertise. We had a lot of traffic (possibly because of it.)

    • Rashelle

      Thanks Linda! I had considered doing a “how to organize a garage/yard sale” post, but then thought, why not start at the beginning and help people get their thoughts, time and energy in order first to see if it’s even worth holding one?

      Ahh, yes social media for advertising the sale! I was wondering, did you give out a specific street address or did you use landmarks to help people locate your home? Some people might be uncomfortable giving out their specific address online, but there are also other options to consider such as giving landmark descriptions “Third house in from Walnut Street,” to putting out a giant set of red balloons and so on.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

      • Linda Samuels

        We did it different ways. On Facebook, we didn’t include the address because those that were local, knew where we lived. But on Craigslist and other online Tag Sale sites (for posting events) we DID put our address because otherwise people wouldn’t have been able to find us.

        • Rashelle

          Great! Thanks for clarifying how you ran your online advertisements. Much appreciated.

    • I haven’t been involved with a garage sale since the advent of social media – what a great difference that would make!

      • Rashelle

        Social media certainly adds a whole new dimension to garage sales, doesn’t it?

        • Amy

          It really does! I love social media – it just makes life in general easier. haha. I love this quiz, it helps me understand better what is going on in this head of mine. Haha. Another website you guys should check out when thinking about yardsales and advertising. Here’s the link:

          • Rashelle

            Thanks for the link Amy! Interesting resource. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. Rashelle