23 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself at Home

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23 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself at HomeAre you interested in decluttering your apartment, house, or room?

Do you need help when it comes to deciding whether or not should you keep an item?

Sometimes, it can be useful to have a collection of questions in your back pocket to help you literally cut through the clutter!

In this post, I offer twenty-three questions to ask yourself as you declutter your home or living space.

These questions can be quite helpful when you are just plain overwhelmed with stuff and need some tough love to help you let go of items.

So, the next time you’re dithering about whether to keep, recycle, donate, or trash an item from your home, I encourage you to take a look at this list of decluttering questions.

These questions are designed to make you take stock and think about how you relate to your belongings.

As always, the more honest you can be in your answers, the better.

23 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself at Home

When was the last time I used this item?

How did I feel when I first acquired this item? How do I feel about the item right now?

Am I holding onto this item for practical or sentimental reasons?

If I came across this same item in a store today, would I buy it again?

Does seeing this item truly make me happy?

Is this item broken, faded, cracked, stained, torn, missing pieces or parts, or is otherwise damaged?

Does this item take up too much space in my home?

Does the cost of fixing this item exceed the current value of the item?

Do I feel comfortable and enjoy using or wearing this item?

Will I truly use this item on a daily or regular basis?

Is this item a good fit for where I am in my life at this point in time?

Do I own similar or duplicate items that could do the same job as this item?

Am I holding on to this item “just in case”?

Am I holding onto this item just because it was a gift?

If I could magically move into a new home or space tomorrow, would I take this item with me?

Does this item take up a lot of my time, energy, money, and attention?

Will this item truly help me reach my current goals?

If there were an emergency and I could only grab a small box full of items from my home, would this item make it into the box?

If I am going to keep this item, how specifically am I going to use it and where will I store it when not in use?

If this item suddenly went missing from my home, without my knowledge, would I even miss it?

Am I holding on to this item for my benefit…or for someone else’s benefit?

Does this item help make my home beautiful, warm, and welcoming?

Do I really want to keep carting this item around with me for the rest of my life?

How about you? Which of the above decluttering questions resonate with you? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas decluttering questions that could help people let go of their stuff? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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