How to Organize a Party

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How to Organize a Party

Who doesn’t love a party?

While enjoying a party is easy (you just show up, eat, drink and be merry), organizing a party is a different beast altogether.

Below are items to keep in mind when organizing a party.


Step 1. Figure out what type of party you want to have.

What type of party do you want to give?

You could throw a:

  • Surprise party
  • Birthday party
  • Anniversary party
  • Graduation party
  • Get well party
  • Housewarming party
  • Baby shower party
  • Engagement party
  • Bridal shower
  • Congratulations party
  • Block party
  • Pool party
  • Costume party
  • Retirement party
  • Farewell party
  • …or a Just because party, well, just because!


At this point in time, it helps to have a rough idea of how many people you will want to invite to your party.

Step 2. Decide on your budget.

How much are you willing to spend on invitations, food, drink, table and seat settings, decorations, music & entertainment?

Be brutally honest with yourself here; you don’t want to end up over budget after all is said and done.

Which of the above items are the most and the least important to you?

Step 3. Select the venue, date and time.

Where are you going to hold your party?

Your home, a friend’s home, hotel, office, banquet hall, community center, pool, park or house of worship?

Will you need to get a permit, license, or book a venue to hold the party?

On what day and time are you going to hold your party?

Step 4. Who are your guests?

Based on your budget and venue arrangements, confirm both 1) how many people and 2) exactly who will be on your guest list. How you will you invite guests?

Via paper invitation, phone, text, social media application or carrier pigeon?

Will your guests be able to invite others or not?

If you are throwing a party on behalf of someone, be sure to ask for a list of people they’d like to invite.

Step 5. Send out invitations.

What if you organized a party and no one came?

When preparing invitations, be sure to include the location, date, time, invitees, RSVP date as well as contact information, directions and any other notes.

Send invitations a couple of weeks in advance of your party to give people a chance to check/clear/hold their calendars and RSVP.


Step 6. Make and confirm other arrangements.

If you are throwing a party with additional arrangements such as music & entertainment, now’s the time to make and confirm those arrangements.

Pay careful attention to pricing, dates, services and times for set-up and break-down.

Step 7. Make a list of supplies and go shopping.

Make a list of supplies that you’ll need: food, drink, beverages (don’t forget the ice!), decorations, place settings, furniture, etc.

Take the list with you when shopping and buy non-perishables first, followed by perishables as you get nearer to the party date.

Step 8. Get a head start on setting up.

Always, always give yourself more time than you think you may need to set up for a party; it is easier to have much too much time on your hands than too little.

You’ll be thankful for that extra time when the decorations, food & beverages, music/entertainment take longer to prepare than expected, and when you realize you need to make a last-minute trip to the store (hey, it happens!)

Step 9. It’s party time!

You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to go and have some fun.

Welcome your guests, enjoy food, drink, dancing, conversations and the company of one another.

Now to you…what type of party are you planning? What’s your biggest concern in organizing the party to make sure everything runs smoothly? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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