How to Be an Organized Event Planner 

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Are you planning a large and lavish anniversary dinner or a small casual birthday party?  

Keeping track of all the details can become overwhelming very quickly!

In this post I’ll show you a few quick tips to help you keep things in order for an event of any size.


Prepare an event timeline.

One of the first things you should do when planning any event is to write down all the different activities that are going to take place at your event. Take a couple of minutes to brainstorm and jot down all of your ideas, anything and everything from the arrival of guests, meals, dancing, presentations, speakers, dancing and so on.

You should then organize these activities according to when they will take place throughout the event; which items will come first, second, third or fourth? Besides any event activities, don’t forget to include time to set up the event and clean everything up afterwards.

Make lists.

Lists can be true lifesavers, especially when you’re busy attending to other items as you’re planning. You can use lists to keep track of items you need to buy, set up or borrow, you can make a list of event items that are on your mind, or a running list of to-dos on the day of the event. Need a bit of list making inspiration? Check out my guest post on, The 10 Lists You Need to Make for a Great Party or Event, for some list making ideas.

Put together a “must-have” bag.

Whether your event is at a local hotel or a picnic in the park, a must-have bag is something all event planners should have. What is this bag? It’s simply a collection of materials you’ll need to help you run your event smoothly and make your guests comfortable. For the picnic example, you might pack a small bag with a pair of safety scissors, tape, signage, twine, clothes pins or clips (to secure a tablecloth to a picnic table), disinfectant wipes, small bandages, sunblock, insect repellant and other items to help you prepare for your picnic.

Review information often.

There’s no sense in organizing information and materials if you don’t review them! Be sure to review the progress of your planning on a regular basis. What did you finish last week? What needs to be done this week or next week? How is the preparation for your event coming along overall? Keep in mind you’ll review information more and more frequently (perhaps a couple of times a day) the closer you get to your event date.

How about you? Are you planning a party or event this summer? How are you going to keep all of your plans organized? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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