Time Management Tip: Live in the Moment

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Image of a pergola with hanging plants and shrubs, photography by R. IsipDo you spend a lot of time planning for the future or wondering what you’ll be doing in the next couple of minutes?

While that’s all well and good, an important part of time management is actually living, breathing and experiencing time in the present.

In this post I offer a few tips to help you make the most of your time, right here, right now.

Stop watching the clock.

Are your eyes always trained to the digits on your cellphone’s display, a wall clock or wristwatch? While watching the clock can be helpful if you’re trying to keep track of the time, constantly watching the clock over the course of the day can be hazardous to your ability to actually experience time.

Give yourself the benefit of experiencing time without manmade tools by paying more attention to your surrounding environment (sun, temperature, sounds, etc.). Turn off your cellphone, blocking a clock’s display or just going to a room or place where is there is no clock. If you must keep track of the time, say for an upcoming meeting or something similar, set an alarm for yourself.

Let go of the past.

“If I didn’t make a left turn onto that dirt road years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten lost and missed that once in a lifetime rock concert…” 

“If I took that job offer, I would be in such a better position than where I am today…”  

Are you “iffing” yourself into deep, dark pit of denial? Get rid of all those “if” statements that hurdle you back to the past and make you doubt your abilities or choices. Ok, so you made a decision that didn’t quite pan out the way you wanted. Thinking about the past and what you would have done then isn’t going to help you now. What’s more important is what are you going to do right now in the present moment? What tiny step can you take right now to find another great rock concert to attend (and get proper driving instructions) or to connect with your networking buddies about finding a better job for yourself?

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Savor something.

Have you ever watched a small child eat an ice cream cone in the summertime? They are wholly invested in eating that ice cream cone and don’t care about whether the ice cream is melting down their hands and arms and make their face sticky. They dive right in to the cone and are extremely focused, not thinking about the past or future but the present. What can you savor at this very point in time? Think about something that is just wonderful about this present moment. It could be your favorite iced latte, a slow day at work, or the perfect humidity levels outdoors after a sticky couple of days. When you’re enjoying yourself or appreciating what you have right now, you’re certainly living in the moment.

How about you? Are you going to make the commitment to live in the moment, starting today? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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