How to Be Productive at Work on Fridays

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It’s 9:30 A.M. on a Friday morning.How to Be Productive at Work on Fridays

It’s been a tiring work week, and you’re struggling to talk yourself into doing your work.

It’s not that you don’t want to get things done.

It’s just that your energy levels are low, and work seems about as appealing as a sitting next to a hot oven on humid summer’s day. Yuck.

Is it even possible to be productive on a Friday? It sure is!

In this post, I offer several ways you can be productive at work on Fridays.

Backup and update your computer.

Have you backed up your computer lately?

Grab an external hard drive and backup all of the information on your computer.

Once everything is backed up, you can update operating systems, applications, and programs.

If you’re really in the spring cleaning mood, file away documents sitting on your computer’s desktop, and empty out the recycling or trash bin.

Catch up on some reading.

Fridays are a great time to do some personal career development or a spot of research and development for your business. You probably have a couple of articles, websites, books, and magazines you’ve been meaning to read. Select one item to begin with, and start reading. If any information happens to be outdated, or is no longer relevant to you, you can delete, recycle, or trash it, guilt-free.   

Prepare for next week’s meetings and appointments.

This exercise is more of a gentle planning exercise. Open up your calendar or schedule, and take a look at the appointments and meetings coming up in the next week. If you have any pressing thoughts, questions, or ideas you’d like to discuss at a meeting, jot them down in your calendar. If you’re hosting a meeting, you could draft an agenda, print out and collate meeting materials, or work on presentation slides.

Learn how to use office equipment or a computer application.

Is your office a veritable ghost town on Fridays? If so, it’s the perfect time to learn how to properly use office equipment, such as the photocopier, scanner, conference room telephone, or fax machine. Go online and search for instruction manuals, articles, or video tutorials. The information you learn today could potentially save you hundreds of minutes in future!

Work on a rote office task.

If your mind really needs a break, you can tackle all those office chores you’ve put aside for past few weeks. You could file that mass of documents sitting in your inbox, shred a stack of old confidential papers, take stock of and reorder office supplies, organize and process the receipts from your last business trip, dust shelves, counters, and tables, and fix or replace a piece of broken office furniture.   

Write up your to-do list for Monday.

This is a great way to have a little less stress and anxiety on Monday morning. Take a moment to review the status of your current work projects and tasks. Select three tasks, and write them down in your planner or to-do list application under next Monday’s date.

How about you? Are Fridays slow days where you work? Do you have any go-to tasks for the last day of the work week? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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