50 Productive Things You Can Do in Five Minutes

50 Productive Things You Can Do in Five Minutes

Do you have five minutes to spare in your schedule?

Would you like to get something done before your next meeting or appointment?

Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but it is possible to get some things done during such a brief interval.

In the post, I offer a list of fifty productive tasks you can do in five minutes.

The next time you’ve got a couple of minutes on hand at home or at the office, be sure to take a look at this list.

All you have to do is to select a task…and get to work!


1. Change the password to your email account(s).

2. Review your schedule for the next day.

3. Delete items from your computer’s recycling or trash bin.

4. Clean your eyeglasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses.

5. Unsubscribe from an email list or newsletter you no longer wish to receive.

6. Make a grocery list for the week.

7. Clear your internet browser’s cache.

8. Brainstorm gift ideas for a friend or family member’s birthday.

9. Assemble an outfit for tomorrow.

10. Clean a dirty mirror.

11. Sit quietly to collect your thoughts or to relax.

12. Change a lightbulb.

13. Write a thank you note or email.

14. Shine a pair of dress shoes.

15. Update an app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

16. Dust a piece of furniture.

17. Clear the sink drainboard or unload the dishwasher.

18. Check your bank account balance.

19. Scrub the kitchen or bathroom sink.

20. Open the windows to air out a stuffy room or office.

21. Fill out an appliance rebate or warranty application.

22. Vacuum a small rug or section of carpet.

23. Replace batteries in a remote control or other device.

24. Take out the trash or recycling.

25. Change the toner cartridge(s) in a printer or photocopier.

26. Recycle broken or damaged umbrellas.

27. Charge an electronic device or two.

28. Donate money to a favorite charity or organization.

29. Restock office supplies at your desk.

30. Pay a bill online or by phone.

31. Sort through the day’s postal mail.

32. Delete an unused app from your smartphone or computer.

33. Make your bed.

34. Throw away expired foods and condiments from your refrigerator.

35. Redeem a gift card online by purchasing a good or service.

36. Place dirty clothes in the hamper or washing machine.

37. Check your credit score.

38. Add your vacation days to your calendar or planner.

39. Update your LinkedIn profile or resume.

40. Wipe down a countertop or table.

41. Check the expiration date of your driver’s license, passport, or visa.

42. Polish a small piece of silver jewelry.

43. Shred a stack of papers.

44. Schedule your next haircut appointment.

45. Read a brief magazine article.

46. Vacuum or use a pressurized air canister to clean your computer’s keyboard.

47. Go outside for a quick walk and a breath of fresh air.

48. Refill paper in a printer or photocopier.

49. Delete old texts and voicemail messages.

50. Gather clothes to drop off at the dry cleaner’s.

How about you? What other productive tasks can you think of that can be accomplished in five minutes’ time? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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