Want to Have a Productive Day? Try Making Your Bed in the Morning

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Want to Have a Productive Day? Try Making Your Bed in the Morning

Do you want to be productive in the morning at home?

Looking for a simple activity that costs absolutely nothing and offers you a chance to hone your skills, day after day?

Making one’s bed in the morning is as old as the hills, but it’s also an easy way to get your mornings, and days, started on the right foot.

It only takes a handful of minutes to make one’s bed, plus, a freshly made bed instantly pulls together the look and feel of a bedroom.

With just a few flicks of one’s wrist, a bedroom looks more organized, polished, and chaotic (at least in terms of tangled-up bed sheets and blankets).

In this post, I offer four thoughtful reasons to make your bed in the morning or any time you awake from a long slumber.

Who knows, once you master this basic household skill, you might look into honing other skills necessary for a neat and orderly home, and a calmer, more rested mind.


You physically lay the foundation for your day and night.

Making one’s bed is a great way to physically lay the foundation for a successful day. It not only serves as an effective a transitional task between sleep and your daily routine, but it allows you to gradually warm up to the day’s events.

As soon as you have made your bed, you have accomplished something worthwhile in your day of which you can be proud. Your bedroom is instantly more tidy and put-together. You can admire your handiwork. Plus, it’s a great reminder that you are on your way to getting other things done during the day.

What’s more, when your fitted sheet, bed sheets, blankets, and pillows are properly secured, they make for a more toasty sleeping experience (those in the know, know that a poorly made bed will not trap body heat effectively as a well-made bed). That’s not a bad deal, for making one’s bed, now is it?

You have a chunk of time (and space) to clear your mind.

Not ready to face the world as soon as you awake in the A.M.? Feeling overstimulated by your computer, smart phone, or tablet? For those looking for some peace and quiet during the day, the simple act of making your bed in the morning offers a few minutes’ worth of respite from the demands of the world.

The idea is simple: making your bed is a simple, basic task. The only thing you need to concern yourself with at that very moment is…guess what…making your bed! You can allow focus your mind to focus on the task at hand…and nothing else. No multitasking, no worrying or involving yourself with other concerns. It’s just you calmly making your bed.

And if you really get into the process, pulling back the covers, carefully tucking in corners, and straightening out wrinkles, it can be like a meditative experience. All it takes is one layer at a time, one crease at a time, and one fluffed pillow at a time, to calm your mind and body, and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

You show yourself practice makes perfect.

As you make your bed each morning, you get better and better at it. With enough practice, you’ll know exactly how much tension to apply when straightening out a sheet, how far a comforter or duvet needs to be draped across a bed, and the perfect angle to place pillows at the head of the bed. What better way to show yourself that you’re making marked progress on a simple task, each and every day?

Very few tasks in life are so cut and dry, and offer an immediate return on your investment of time and energy. Every now and then we need a reminder that successfully completing even the simplest of tasks can be a satisfying personal accomplishment.

Who knows, knowing that you can control one small corner of your world, might have a ripple effect on a project, assignment, or task, you’ve been struggling with for the past few weeks. Why, if you slowly chipped away at that storage project in your closet day after day, or made a point to arrive on time to all of your meetings, just imagine where would you would be in three months time!

Who knew the simple act of making one’s bed could be so powerful?

How about you? What do you think is the most compelling argument for making one’s bed when one wakes? Can you think of any other reasons besides the ones listed above? Will you be adding bed making to your daily routine or are you already a seasoned pro when it comes to making your bed? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!


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