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Cut Your To-Do List in Half

and Get Things Done!

with The Order Expert® Trim Your Daily To-Do List Training!

An online course that teaches you how to prioritize your to-do list so you feel calm and relaxed.

If you have a monster-sized to do list, but can never seem to cross tasks off your list…

If you haphazardly tackle tasks and random to dos, but don’t work on what’s truly important…

You need to prioritize your to dos
so they are manageable
and easy to accomplish!

Your to do list is *literally* a mile long. It makes you feel overwhelmed, constantly stresses you out, and fills your stomach with feeling of sinking dread every single day.

You want to tackle your to dos…but you feel like you can’t move forward. How will you ever get things done?

Sure, you could close your eyes and randomly select a to do to work on for the next hour.

But that would leave you in the exact same place where you are right now.

You’d simply be putting out task fires at random…

So you’d end up missing key deadlines, consistently turn your work in late, rack up huge late fees, and frazzle your brain cells about why it’s so darn difficult for you to get things done.

Deep down you know you have to prioritize your work, but just where do you start?

But what if…
You could you easily and effortlessly identify which to dos to work on and when?

What if you could finally get your to do list down to a super-managable size that makes you look forward to getting your work done…instead of filling of your head with dread?

What if you could capture and plan future to dos so you don’t miss a thing in two weeks’ or two months’ time?

What if you could stay laser-focused on your daily work so you can successfully get things done every single day?

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Sign Up for The Order Expert®
Trim Your Daily To Do List Training!

Learn how to prioritize to-dos, confidently manage daily tasks, and get things done every single day.  

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Know exactly which tasks you are going to work on today, tomorrow, and future


Have a streamlined list that makes it super-easy to see what needs to be done…without clutter!


Stop worrying about trying to remember an important task that needs to be completed in six weeks’ time


Work on urgent tasks with your full attention and focus… without feeling like other tasks are being ignored or mindlessly lost through the cracks


Create your to do lists with confidence and clarity so you can get things done and feel absolutely great!

Here’s How the Trim Your Daily To Do List Training Works…

Watch the Online Video Trainings

You’ll get access to five downloadable step-by-step online video trainings that will show you how to prioritize your to-dos, capture future tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks, and stay focused on your work so you can get things done. 


Complete the Downloadable Worksheets

You’ll get five downloadable fillable and printable PDF worksheets to help you track your work and progress during the trainings so you’ll stay organized and focused on what matters.

Take Action ON Your To-Do List!

Once you watch the online video trainings and complete the worksheets, you’ll create a revised daily to do list you can take action on…TODAY. And don’t worry, your future tasks will be saved in a safe place, too! 


Confidently Cross Items Off Your List

Now that you have a streamlined to do list, you can roll up your sleeves and get to work! Grab your favorite pen and feel super-satisfied crossing those nagging to dos off your list.

Get Things Done Every Single Day

Breathe a deep sigh of relief, you’ve finished your to do list! And guess what? You’ll be able to finish your to do list tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that…without missing a beat!

If you want to finally stop worrying about whether you can finish your  list, this is the training for you!

The Order Expert®
Trim Your Daily To-Do List ™ Training

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5 downloadable training video lessons that teach you a simple step-by-step process to prioritize your to dos so you can get things done every single day


5 downloadable and fillable PDF worksheets to help you organize, plan, and store your to dos


5 downloadable audio versions of the video lessons so you can listen at your convenience anytime on your desktop, tablet, cell phone, or on the go!


24/7 access to the course in our online course platform

Prioritize your to do list and feel calm and relaxed for only $297!

All sales are final.

I recently found your site and immediately realized an important difference in how you approach organizing and, I’m sure, life in general. Two words: Clean & Simple! No fancy flowers, corny ideas, etc. Thanks!!!

Dinah A.

I want to say that I always read & enjoy your site; I pass the helpful info on to others too! Thank you for the many insights that make daily a bit smoother; especially now with the pandemic turning life asunder!

Reader of

Just want to say that, while I get “way too much email” as a freelance writer and do the occasional grim reaper with my incoming blogs and press lists, I’m never inclined to include yours: Your comments are crisp and to the point, and more to the point, they always contain something fresh and helpful. Thanks!

Reader of

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to manage your list without getting overwhelmed, this is the training for you!

You work hard every single day and deserve to accomplish your goals. So why would you let yourself get frustrated by your to do list? In this training, you’ll learn how to manage your to dos with confidence.

In the training you’ll get:

5 downloadable video files cover
5 downloadable worksheets cover
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Sign Up for the Training and Trim Your To Do List Today!

Prioritize your to dos like a pro and get things done!

All sales final.

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Her books The Order Expert’s Guide to Time Management, How to Be More Organized Right Now, 31 Easy Ways to Get Organized in the New Year, and How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days provide practical steps and advice to help people bring more balance into their lives.

She is a contributing columnist for where she writes about productivity, time management, and work-life balance. She has been featured in a wide variety of national and international print and online media including Fast Company, NBC News, The Washington Post, Business Insider, NPR, Huff Post, Fox Business, and The Atlantic. 

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