Why Being Bored is Good for Your Productivity

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Do you dislike being bored?Image of a woman sitting on a park bench and the phrase, Why Being Bored is Good for Your Productivity

Do you think boredom is a total waste of time?

If we’re bored, that must mean we’re not being productive. Right?

Then again, maybe not…

In this post, I give several reasons as to why being bored can actually help you be more productive.

You get a much-needed rest from your work.

Remember all those times when you said you needed a break from work?

You were incredibly busy, and you felt as though you didn’t have a moment to catch your breath, or get your ducks in a row?

Well, the good news is that you have a much-needed break.

Sure, you may be bored right now, but look at it from another angle.

You aren’t frantically running around town making deliveries, speed-reading a book, or having to prioritize your workflow.

Things may be a little bit uncomfortable at the moment, but don’t let that get you down.

Your boredom won’t last forever.

Your mind and body are recharging themselves, so why not kick back, relax, and enjoy the break?

You become extremely creative when you’re bored.

Being bored isn’t without merit. Yes, it can be downright painful having to sit through a spell of boredom, but something marvelous happens when you find yourself staring out the window, picking the lint from your sweater or, drawing doodles on a pad of paper with a pen. Simply put, your creativity soars!

After reaching rock-bottom, your mind is filled with new ideas and insights. You’re able to look at problems with a new perspective. A little bit of boredom might just give you the answer to that website issue you’ve been wrestling with for the past two days, an idea for a book, or a new way to jazz up an old recipe.

Your productivity soars once boredom has passed.

Once the painful shroud of boredom has lifted, you may find your mind is fully primed and ready for action. You feel relaxed, excited, and eager to do something other than being bored. Translation? You’re ready to work, and you’re ready to work hard.

Within a matter of hours, you may find yourself taking care of those tasks you’ve pushed aside for the past week. Completing a menial task such as cleaning out your desk drawer is now super-easy, as is writing up a batch of emails, and doing the laundry. Work may even seem to magically complete itself!

That’s not a bad productivity boost, considering you were bored to tears just a few moments ago.

How about you? When’s the last time you were really, really bored? Did you find you were more productive after your bout of boredom? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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