Organizing Tip: Reduce Mental Clutter

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Are you feeling a bit foggy in the head? Image of phrase Organizing Tip: Reduce Mental Clutter

Tired of having mental clutter zapping your energy and attention?

In this post I offer a few suggestions to help you sweep out mental clutter in exchange for a clearer mind.

Stop trying to hold everything in your head.

Have you ever remembered something just as you were falling asleep at night? You tell yourself to hold on to that bit of information (perhaps you need to pack your sneakers in your gym bag or check a bank statement), and end up lying awake trying not to forget what you just remembered. There’s really no need to waste precious mental energy!

Sometimes the easiest way to declutter your mind is to just to get the information out of your head. Just transfer the information somewhere else, be it in a short to-do list, or a note in your calendar or schedule.

Identify whether an action is a distraction.

Mental clutter can appear in the form of distractions. Are you being distracted while working on a task without even realizing it? Uncovering this information takes a bit of detective work as you have to take a look at those actions you normally don’t think twice about. For example, while checking your email a few different times each day may not be a distraction for you, your mind may in fact be distracted by the email preview pane currently previewing all of your emails. In this case, you could instead open your emails one at a time in a full window pane so you can better focus at the task at hand. See where else your mind is being unnecessarily distracted throughout your regular routine; you might be surprised at what you find!

Clean up physical clutter.

It’s no secret physical clutter can trigger mental clutter. One look at a stack of old magazines, junk mail and holiday decorations can put your mind into overdrive as you simultaneously think about renewing your magazine subscriptions, removing yourself from the junk mail list, and what you should bring to your neighbor’s BBQ this summer. Start small by decluttering a corner of a room or the surface of a counter, tabletop or desk. Your newly decluttered space will be that much more inviting and appealing to view and interact with, giving your eyes, and mind, a much needed break.

In need of some decluttering help? Check out my post, Organizing Tip: The Ultimate Guide to Tackling Clutter, for some tips on clearing out effectively cleaning out clutter.

How about you? How does mental clutter affects you the most? What steps will you take to reduce the amount of clutter in your mind? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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    Three good practicable tips. Thank you!

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      You’re quite welcome!