How to Organize Take Out Menus

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Are you a fan of take out, or take away food? How to Organize Take Out Menus

Do you have stacks of restaurant menus at home or work?

While many restaurant menus can be found on the web, some are not.

Even if there is an online version handy, you may just prefer having a hard-copy menu on hand when you order your favorite sandwich from the coffee shop down the street.

In this post, I offer a few ways to organize take out menus, and keep them under control.

Collect and sort menus.

Take a few moments to round-up as many menus as you can.

You might have some in a drawer, sitting on a table, or hanging on the fridge in the kitchen.

You don’t have to go overboard finding every single menu in your home; just having a handful is a good place to start.

Once you’ve rounded up a bunch, choose which ones you want to keep, and recycle the rejects and/or duplicates.

Organize menus according to your taste.

When it comes to organizing menus, the world is your oyster!

Choose the method that suits you best.

Remember, the goal here is to be able to find the menus you need as easily, and as efficiently as possible.

Looking for a few ideas? Here’s several to get you started.

  • By cuisine – Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, American, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Ethiopian, Greek, English, Russian, Peruvian, Lebanese, Japanese, Brazilian…
  • By restaurant name – Alphabetize menus from A to Z.
  • By cost – Is the menu inexpensive or expensive?
  • By location – Is the restaurant relatively close to you, or is it a bit of a hike?
  • By preference – Is the restaurant your absolute favorite, or is it just decent?

Choose a convenient storage method.

Make your menus a true moveable feast by selecting the best storage method for your needs.

You might like to reach in and grab a menu at random, or you might like to have menus organized neatly in book-fashion.

Some handy storage ideas include:

  • Use a magazine rack to store menus. Just drop in the menus, place the magazine rack on your desk or counter, and you’re done.
  • Make a menu necklace. Hole punch menus in the same place, and string them together with twine or yarn for easy reference. Hang on a coat hook, or any other sturdy fixture.
  • Use a plastic accordion folder to store menus. Organize menus by any of the methods above.
  • Create a menu binder with clear page protectors, and drop in a single menu. You can even get really fancy by organizing your binder with tabs using any of the methods above.

Weed out menus on a regular basis.

Every quarter or so, conduct a sweep through your menus to cull the collection.

A restaurant may have closed down or changed hands, you may no longer like the food or service, you may have five copies of the same menu, and so on, and so forth. 

Receive a new menu with your order? Swap out that old menu for the new one, and you’re good to go.

How about you? Do you have take out menus on hand at home or the office? How are you going to keep things organized? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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5 Responses

  1. Betty Winslow

    We keep ours in a two pocket folder, menus on one side, coupons on the other. Each time we order out, we go through the folder and discard expired coupons, out of business restaurants, etc., and swap out menus so that the most recent one is in it. Coupons for drive-throughs are kept in a similar folder in the door pocket of the driver’s seat.

    • Rashelle

      What a fantastic system; it is so efficient and organized. Do you happen to keep restaurant gift cards in your folder at home as well? Thanks for visiting the blog and for leaving a comment!

  2. Janet Barclay

    We used to have a large collection, till we realized we only order from two or three places, so we got rid of all the rest. We keep them in a purple file folder in the filing cabinet, beside the regular files so it’s easy to spot when we’re hungry.

    • Rashelle

      It sounds like you’ve definitely got your collection under control! Reading your comment gave me another idea when it comes to organizing and keeping menus in check: laminate your favorites menus, and use a dry erase marker to mark items for each order. Mount on the side of the fridge with heavy-duty magnets. Easy, and organized.