Valentine’s Day Order: A Chocolate Box

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Photo of chocolates in box, photography by R. Isip
Mmmm, orderly chocolates.

Order on Valentine’s Day?

Can it be?

You bet your boxed chocolates!

For today’s post I thought I’d lighten things up and present a few orderly thoughts on something Valentine’s Day-related: chocolates in a box!

Open any mass-produced box of chocolates and you are bound to find order inside.

You’ll find an orderly and somewhat artistic layout of chocolates sitting in little paper cups or some similar container, beautiful rows of little chocolates running horizontally and vertically and ready to be consumed with delight.

However, there’s another level of order that might not be so obvious. The chocolate box type!

We all have our preferences when it comes to enjoying chocolates…do you fall into any of these orderly types?

Faithfully Yours

Some people like a box of chocolates with a single type or flavor. You’ll always have your favorite chocolate no matter which piece you pick. You are truly guaranteed your favorite chocolate in every bite!

Assortment Adorer

Some people like an assortment of chocolates with a handy guide. You can peruse the selection available to you and pick and choose which piece you fancy at that moment. However, which chocolates will you love? Which chocolates will you hate? Which chocolates will you try to pawn off to someone else?

Confectionary Adventurer

Some people are brave and adventurous and live for excitement, mystery, thrills and spills. You can truly eat chocolate freely and happily…without bias!

There you have it, my take on chocolate box order on Valentine’s Day.

Who would have thought there is so much order to discuss within a single, humble box of chocolate?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

How about you? What type of chocolate order do you love? Do you love chocolates that are of one specific type or are a mixed assortment? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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2 Responses

  1. Todd

    I’m an assortment adorer. I enjoy changing it up here and there, but there are several flavors and hidden ingredients I dislike (coconut, raspberry, orange – but only with chocolate, some nuts) so I’d much rather have a guide. Regardless of whatever is inside though, I’ll always prefer dark chocolate!

    • theorderexpert

      I think I’m assortment adorer as well. I’ve tried the other two extremes but in general they just don’t cut it for me. There’s something satisfying about knowing which chocolates to pawn off…I mean, share with someone else. 🙂