Time Management Tip: Falling Backwards with Daylight Saving Time

Image of a sunset over an industrial scene, photography R. IsipIt’s that time again…this Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Here in the US we’ll set our clocks back one hour and will “gain” an extra hour of time.

How should you use this so-called extra hour of time? Should you even use it at all?

Today’s post offers a few items for thought when it comes “falling back” one hour in your schedule and preparing for the next few months.

Here’s a few points to reflect upon:

Do you feel you always have to fill a free, or extra hour with activity?

We’ll “gain” an extra hour of time on Saturday night. The question is: will you fill it? If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I urge people to embrace time that is given to them, especially if it’s in the form of a cancelled or postponed meeting or appointment. In today’s busy day and age, why not take a moment to enjoy free time that is given to you?

If you had an extra hour each and every day, how would you fill it?

Would you spend your time working, running errands, or with friends, family and loved ones? The answer to this question will most likely reflect that which you’d most like to accomplish right here, right now. Give this idea some thought the next time you think you don’t have enough time to do something.

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What happened in the past few months? Take a moment to look back at your schedule.

Do you feel you don’t accomplish as much as you should on a regular basis? Take a minute to look back at your calendar from the past few months. There was a lot going on, but the things that were most important were accomplished, were they not? If something is still unfinished, make the commitment now to plan ahead and get that thing done!

Now to you… if you were given an extra hour each and every day, would you fill it with activity or rest? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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