7 Smart Spring Cleaning Tips

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7 Smart Spring Cleaning Tips Are you thinking about spring cleaning your home this year?

Do you want to make things as streamlined as possible?

Spring cleaning can be less of a hassle when you take the time to properly plan out how you are going to combat those dust bunnies.

In this post, you’ll find seven thoughtful tips when it comes to keeping things organized when you spring clean.

Even if you haven’t yet started your spring cleaning, tuck these tips away for the upcoming event.

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Ready? Let’s get started!

Prepare a list of spring cleaning chores.

Spring cleaning means everything in the entire house. Right?Well, that’s a start, but it’s a far cry from specifying exactly what it is you are going to spring clean. Your first step in the spring cleaning process is to create a master list of chores. Start by writing up a general list of chores as they come to mind, and then reorganize them, room by room, or area by area. For ideas on what to clean, check out my spring cleaning checklist for the home.

Don’t tackle everything in one day.

Cleaning a year’s worth of gunk and grime in the home in one day is wholly unreasonable. Don’t set yourself up for failure! You’ll only get frustrated, tired, and annoyed in the process. Try spacing out your chores over the course of several days or weeks, a few hours at a time. You can always adjust your chore list as you go along; for example, one task might end up taking longer than you anticipated, while another might take up less time.

Schedule spring cleaning into your calendar.

That which gets scheduled, gets done; spring cleaning included! Instead of leaving the annual event to “when you get around to doing it,” mark down specific dates and times in your calendar. Make sure to leave at least half an hours’ worth of time after your cleaning sessions so you have adequate time to prepare yourself for appointments and engagements later in the day.

Take inventory of your cleaning supplies.

It can be frustrating to start your spring cleaning and then have to stop suddenly when you realize you’re completely out of glass cleaner, dust cloths, vacuum cleaner bags, and disinfectant wipes. Take inventory of all of your cleaning supplies in advance. Check under the kitchen cabinet, in bathrooms, the mudroom, broom closet, basement, and garage. You might want to assemble everything you’ll need in one centralized area. Prepare a list of items to pick up from the store on your next trip.

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Clean from top to bottom.

This is an old spring cleaning tip, but it’s a good one. Dust, dirt, and grime naturally settle on surfaces and onto the floor because of gravity. Begin your spring cleaning by starting at the very top floor of your home and work your way through room by room. When you’re finished with one floor, move on to the next.

Live in an apartment or ranch-style house? Start in the furthest area of your home from the front door, and then work room by room, until you arrive at the front door.

The same idea applies to any part of a room. Clean the upper areas of a room first, before cleaning the floor area (you won’t have to revacuum your living room floor, after clearing the dust bunnies from your ceiling fan).

Clean your home when it’s bright and sunny outside.

Why should you clean your home on a bright, gorgeous, and sunny day? You’ll be able to see much more dust and grime as you clean than if you just used the lights in your home. Try it! It really does make the cleaning process that much more effective. Besides bright, sunny weather showcases your hard work, and makes your home that much more cheerful when you’re finished.

Wear old, comfortable clothing as you clean.

This way, you won’t get upset if you happen to mess up your clothes as you tackle your spring cleaning. An old t-shirt, old pair of jeans, and worn-out sneakers should do the trick (or any combination of comfortable, old clothing you don’t mind getting dirty or stained). Tie back long hair if you have it and/or cover your head with a handkerchief or baseball cap to keep your hair clean and out of your way.

How about you? Do you spring clean in your home? Will you use any of the tips above? Do you have any tips you’d like to share that have worked well for you? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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