Time Management Tip: Balancing Time Management

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Image of phrase "Balancing Time Management" on a seesawDo you have trouble managing your time?

Is balancing your schedule and tasks difficult for you?

Today’s post goes straight to the source and offers you a few tips to help you balance  your time management skills.

Set aside a specific amount of time for planning.

Do your eyes glaze over at the thought of planning your day, let alone week? Planning doesn’t need to take up all your time, nor should it! Instead of letting your planning sessions go on and on, give yourself a bit of restriction and set a timer for your planning activities. Once the timer goes off, it’s time for action.

Know the difference between planning and action.

Ever find yourself falling into the trap of planning a project, only to end up working on that project and ignoring the rest of your planning? The two activities couldn’t be more different: planning is figuring out what you are going to do and performing a task is the actual physical completion of the task. Pay attention to your thought processes as you plan; do you find yourself moving over and slowly working on a task? It does takes a bit of practice to realize whether or not you are mixing the two with one another, so be patient with yourself.

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Focus your efforts.

You don’t have to time or manage everything in your schedule, calendar or daily affairs. There’s no sense in wasting your time or energy trying to correct something that already works perfectly! Manage only those projects, tasks or errands that seem to give the you most trouble. Why not take the time now to identify one area in your life which could really use your attention?

Now to you…what part of time management seems to give you the most trouble? Planning your time or enforcing your time? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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