7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Be on Time

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Do you think punctuality is important?Image of The Empire State Building in New York City, and the phrase, 7 Reasons Why It's Important to Be on Time

Do you wonder if there’s any value in arriving on time to appointments and meetings?

As odd as this may seem, being punctual has a lot of benefits.

In fact, there are probably some benefits that you’ve never even considered!

In this post, I offer seven compelling reasons as to why it is important to be on time.

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You’ll respect your schedule.

Think for a moment about the schedule you’ve so carefully created for yourself.

You know, it’s the one that allows you to work from home on Wednesdays, pick up your kids from school, and go for a run with your best friend on weekends.

You’ve worked so hard to make your schedule work; why would you even consider throwing that all away?

When you’re on time, you can actually follow the schedule you’ve set out for yourself.

You don’t have to worry about catching up, canceling meetings, or the like because you’re running late.

You’ll respect the time of others.

Arriving intentionally late to meetings and functions is like saying, “I don’t care about you, or your schedule.”

If you can’t quite visualize this, just imagine what it would be like if someone were to arrive late to a meeting and say those same words to you. That’s a real slap in the face, isn’t it?

Any lateness has a major impact on others. A lateness means others will have to scramble and rearrange their plans, make adjustments, be inconvenienced, annoyed, frustrated, angry…you get the picture. When you’re on time, you show others that you respect them, and their time.

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You’ll save money.

How can you save money by being on time?

It’s quite simple really; it’s all about not incurring late or overdue fees.

If you return or collect items on time, or before their due date, you won’t have to pay any penalties, fines, add-ons, or extras.

You can look at it this way, would you rather waste time bellyaching that you don’t have enough time to pick up that special order from the hardware store, or would you rather plunk down an extra wad of hard-earned dollars instead to make up for your lateness?

It’s completely up to you…

You’ll get what you want, sooner.

Everyone loves to get what they want, when they want it. When that’s not possible, the next best thing is to get what you want, sooner. If you’re time, you can get what you want much sooner.

So, if you can’t wait to meet your long-lost friend for lunch, arriving on time will make sure you’ll see them sooner, rather than later.

You’ll show others you are a reliable and trustworthy person.

Want to make a good impression on someone? It’s as easy as showing up on time to your appointments. They’ll know you are someone who respects, values, and treats others well.

While punctuality has fallen by the wayside in today’s world, that doesn’t mean you can’t show others you are a reliable and trustworthy person.

You’ll miss the boat/train/plane.

Trying to catch that flight to Frankfurt, Beijing, Phoenix, or Mumbai?

If you’re not there at the correct time to board the plane, train, or boat, your transportation will leave without you.

Period, end of story.

You’ll respect yourself.

You only live one life. The time is now to do what you want to do. The real question is: do you have enough respect to treat yourself as important as you should be treated?

Want a FREE punctuality worksheet?

Click here to get instant access to my free organization resource library filled with eBooks, worksheets, and checklists. 

How about you? Can you think of any other reasons as to why it’s important to be on time to meetings, appointments, and functions? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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    Thanks a lot…It was so informative and I thus enjoyed while reading.The words were reliable and I could understand better. And also write paragraphs like our opinion on time and how do we feel when we are late etc.thanks once agn

    • Rashelle

      You’re quite welcome, Hemalatha! I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed the post.