Organizing Tip: “Do I Need This?” Taking an Honest Look at Your Stuff

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Image of red question marksAre you having trouble deciding what items you need to keep and what items you need to get rid of at home or at work?

Interested in letting go of some of your belongings in order to make way for change and new experiences?

Today’s post gives you some ideas to help you evaluate and take an honest look at your belongings.

These tips will help you consider whether is it necessary to keep items or if it is indeed time to let some things go.

Get rid of anything that is no longer *you*.

What belongings do you have at home or at the office that are no longer *you*? That is, what items do you no longer have a connect with or interest in having or keeping in your life? Have you outgrown your collection of gourmet cookbooks? Are you finished with that collection of leopard print shirts in your closet? What about all those scrap booking materials in your home office you no longer use? Feel free to dispose or donate any items which no longer fit in with your current lifestyle.

Assess whether items will help you in future.

Out of all your belongings, what items will help you right now and will help you grow as a person in the near future? Another way to look at it is this: it the item in question holding you back in the past or is it helping you towards your future goals? For example, if you’re starting up a new gym routine, you’ll probably want to keep all those workout clothes and gym bag. That being said, if there’s an item you want to keep is too worn, outdated or has served it’s purpose, it might be time to let that item go and get a replacement.

Take the “Will I miss it test?”

Don’t worry, there’s no exam sheets or pencils required for this test! If you’re struggling over whether or not you’ll actually miss or use any of your belongings, simply pack them up in a box, label and store the box in an out-of-the-way place in your home. Make a note in your calendar to open and go through the box in two months time. If you don’t miss or use any of these items by this time, it’s probably a good sign it’s time to let the items go…

Now to you…what item or items are you looking forward to reevaluating at home or in the office? Do you think you’ll finally get rid of the items or take a small step closer towards doing so? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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