12 Posts to Help You Better Manage Meetings

12 Posts to Help You Better Manage MeetingsAre you tired of wasting countless hours sitting in useless and unproductive meetings?

Do you want to host a well-run, well-thought out meeting at the office in a reasonable amount of time?

You’re not alone.

Meetings are singularly one of the most used, and abused, business tools in the world today.

We’ve all heard horror stories or have experienced firsthand, the blinding pain, agony, and torture of a poorly managed meeting.

It’s a shame something so prevalent in our world has to be executed so poorly…

Fortunately, that’s where this post comes in!

In this post, I offer a helpful round-up of twelve meeting-based blog posts.

From organizing thoughtful agendas, to managing time in the meeting itself, you’re sure to find several helpful tips in this roundup to make your next meeting a well-managed one.

Stop Making This Common Mistake When Scheduling Meetings

Meetings are par for the course in the business world. But you might be making your calendar more complicated than it needs to be. Stop making this careless mistake and get some time back in your schedule.

4 Reasons Why Most Meetings Are a Waste of Time

Let’s face it: most meetings are a sheer waste of time. We can spot these meetings like a hawk spots a rabbit, but just what makes a meeting a waste of minutes and hours? Find out in this post.

Make Sure You Have These 7 Items on Your Next Meeting Agenda

A well-crafted agenda is a hallmark of a well-managed meeting. It means you’ve actively planned and prepared for the event. Find out exactly which items to place on your next agenda.

Why You Should Arrive on Time to Meetings

Meetings are set for certain times for a certain reason: it is so rooms can be booked, schedules can be blocked, and items can be discussed at a specific time. Arriving late to the party throws everything out of whack.

3 Ways to Know if a Meeting is a Waste of Time 

Hmm…are you unsure whether that upcoming check-in meeting with your team is a waste of time? Try checking it against these three pointers.

Productivity Tip: Why You Should Stop Holding Lunchtime Meetings  

Lunchtime meetings have become the norm in today’s world. But are they really as productive as they claim to be? I challenge the lunchtime meeting in this thoughtful post. 

7 Types of Meetings that Are a Waste of Time

You’ve probably experienced at least one of these types of meetings in your life. Chances are, someone close to you may try to hold one of these meetings in future. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

What You Need to Know to Host a Productive Meeting 

There’s a few key things you need to know if you want to host a productive meeting. Start with this helpful post.

Tired of Wasting Time at the Office? Stop Holding So Many Meetings

This is truly the easiest way to cut a busy schedule in half. You can save on preparation, meeting, and follow-up time; all in one go!

7 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Efficient

An efficient meeting is a true work of art. It educates, it captivates, it inspires, and most importantly, it ends on time. Bravissimo!

How to Hold a Meeting that Makes Everyone Happy

If you could magically make people happy at work, would you? Here’s how to craft a meeting that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Productivity Tip: Hold a Device-Free Meeting

Put an end to those chirping cell phones and buzzing tablets. A device-free meeting lets you get down to business and get your team focused for the task at hand.

How about you? What is the worst meeting you’ve ever attended? What do you think the meeting organizers and/or hosts should have done to make it an efficient meeting? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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