Productivity Tip: Why You Should Stop Holding Lunchtime Meetings

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Image of a sign with a sandwich and the word "lunch", photography by R. Isip Have you ever attended or hosted a lunchtime meeting for work?

The theory behind this is that you’ll be able to take lunch and get some work done.

That’s definitely a way to boost in your productivity, right?

I beg to differ…

In this post I’ll cover three reasons why you might want to rethink a lunchtime meeting.

It’s messy.

Sticky hand and figures, crumbs, spilled beverages…these are just a few of the many glorious results of mixing mealtime with a meeting.

Besides gumming up keyboards, smudging smart phone or tablet screens and having food all over your notebook and papers, eating while working also ups the ante when it comes to the spread of germs.

Even if you think you’ll be able to vacuum up the last bits of crumbs, food goo, and have meeting attendees wipe or wash their hands before getting down to work, is it really worth your time and effort dealing with the cleanup?

You need to eat.

When it’s time for lunch or for any meal for that matter, you should be able to eat…period, end of story! You shouldn’t have to sit around waiting for food to be delivered or set up, be forced to talk serious business when your blood sugar is low and you’re feeling cranky, or pace yourself between speaking and eating without inhaling your food.

Lunch meetings bring out the worst of these mealtime trials and tribulations. Instead of properly nourishing ourselves, we end up splitting our attentions and energy. How can you expect to produce your best work or work productively under such conditions?

You don’t get a break.

Lunchtime is a time to eat and take a break from work…that’s right a break from work. While you might think you’re taking a break with a lunch meeting, well, sorry you’re not, you’re still working. That being said, when are you going to take a break? When are you going to rest, recharge and refresh yourself? Are you going to take a full hour coffee break, or leave work an hour early? Probably not…lunchtime is supposed to be a break, not an extension of your work day.

How about you? Are you a fan of lunchtime meetings or not? What experiences have you had? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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