How to Tidy Up Your Home at the End of Day

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Image of houses and setting sun and phrase, How to Tidy Up Your Home at the End of the Day Are you looking to give your home a quick tidy up at the end of the day?

Wondering where you should start and how you should go about the tidying up process?

In this post, I offer a few tips to help you put things in order at the end of the day.

Do keep in mind, the act of tidying up is much different from an organizing or decluttering session.

As I describe it here, tidying up falls more in the realm of light cleaning and putting things away.

Pick things up from the floor.

The easiest way to tidy up any room is to remove items from the floor.

In any room of the home, it should be quite clear as to what belongs, and what doesn’t.

Furniture should obviously stay put, but anything else, such as clothing, toys, books, papers, and the like, should be picked up and properly dealt with.

Tidying up the floor also makes it easier to move around the home; you won’t be unnecessarily tripping or bumping into random items.

Remove items from flat surfaces.

Flat surfaces can be magnets for all sorts of things in the home: keys, magazines, office supplies, postal mail, and so on. Make a goal to remove items from as many flat surfaces as possible.

These surfaces could be countertops, coffee tables, kitchen or dining room tables, the tops of dressers or chests, mantels, even the seats of chairs and sofas.

A good rule of thumb is if you use the surface on a regular basis (say, desk, or kitchen table), it should be tidied up.

Put things back in their place.

As I mentioned earlier, tidying up implies you have specific storage areas for things. All that’s left to be done, is to return an item back to its storage space. Take a walk through your house or apartment and look for what looks out-of-place.

What needs to be put back? Is there a toolbox that should go back into the broom closet? Do clothes need to be placed in a closet or dresser? Do plastic food storage containers need to be returned to a kitchen cabinet?

Create a tidy up checklist.

You may want to set some guidelines as to how much tidying up you’ll do at the end of the day. Don’t forget, this is tidying up, not heavy-duty cleaning, organizing, or decluttering. This doesn’t have to be a complicated checklist or anything, but merely a guide.

For example, you may decide to make a list that includes: clearing off the kitchen table, returning books to bookcase, clearing off the couch, and putting clothes away in the closet.

Tidy up with tomorrow in mind.

Some may view tidying up as a futile act; things will get inevitably become messy again, right? True, but tidying up helps to keep your home in order, with minimal effort. Remember: tidying up today will give you and your home a fresh start the very next day.

How about you? What’s on your daily tidy up routine? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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