23 Time Management Questions for Students

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23 Time Management Questions for StudentsAre you a high school, college, university, or online student?

Do you need some help managing your busy schedule?

Whether you’re a high school, college, or university student, or simply a student of the world, you can learn a lot by simply asking yourself a couple of pointed questions.

In this post, I offer a collection of twenty-three time management questions students can ask themselves to get a better handle on their schedules.

I’ve broken down this collection of questions into five convenient subcategories: general time management questions, traveling and transportation questions, rest and relaxation questions, and classwork questions, and inspirational questions.

Like many of the questions and questionnaires I have on the blog, there’s no right or wrong answers. What a relief!

What matters, however, is that you answer the questions as truthfully as possible.

Once you’ve done that, carefully review your answers, and make adjustments to your schedule as necessary.

Before you get started, you may find it helpful to have your planner, calendar, class schedule and syllabi by your side.

Not a student? No worries!

These questions can be applied to pretty much any schedule or calendar.

Simply replace nouns as necessary, and you’re good to go.

Time Management Questions for Students

General Time Management Questions

How many hours per week do I spend in class, lectures, seminars, and laboratories?

How many hours per week do I spend studying or working on projects and assignments?

How many hours per week do I spend participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, or working?

Where to do I tend to spend most of my time in my schedule: on my school work or in extracurricular activities?

What extracurricular activities could I trim or eliminate from my schedule in order to gain more time for my studies?

Traveling and Transportation Questions

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How long does it take me to travel to and from my residence to campus?


How long does it take me to travel to and from each of my classes, lectures, seminars, and laboratories?


How long does it take me to travel to and from my residence/campus to my extra curricular activities?


How can I reduce the amount of time I spend traveling? Could I take a bus, train, or shuttle instead of walking or biking, or perhaps take an online class or lecture or two?


How can I best make use of my travel time? If I commute by bus, train, ferry, or shuttle for an extended period of time, could I do some class reading, review flashcards, or work on a problem set?

Rest and Relaxation Questions

On average, at what time do I usually go to sleep at night during the weekday? What are the reasons for me going to bed at this time?

Am I happy with my current weekday bedtime? If not, what bedtime would let me have a good night’s rest, and be fully rested for the next day? What small steps could I take today to make sure I get to bed on time?

At what time do I usually awake on weekday mornings? What are the reasons for me awaking at this hour?

Am I happy with my current weekday wakeup time? If not, what wakeup time would allow me enough time to bathe, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready for my first class or activity?

Where could I schedule some personal time in my calendar to relax and unwind? Before or after class or early or late in the day?

Classwork Questions

Have I thoroughly reviewed the syllabi and/or semester schedule for each of my classes, lectures, seminars, and laboratories? Why or why not?

Generally speaking, how many days before an assignment or project is due do I begin or start my work?

How could I better plan my schedule so that I have ample time to do my work?

What are some factors that lead to me procrastinate or put off my responsibilities as a student?

What are some actionable steps I could take to prevent procrastination?

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Inspirational Questions


What are some locations on campus where I could focus on my work, not be disturbed, and study in peace and quiet?


How would I feel if I turned in my all of my assignments and projects in advance of the due date?


What would happen if I spent just fifteen minutes working on a project or assignment the same day it was assigned?


How about you? Which of these questions did you find to be the most helpful? Do you have any other questions that you’d like to add to the list? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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