10 Time Management Basics Everyone Should Learn

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Image of phrase, 10 Time Management Basics Everyone Should LearnEver wonder what you really need to know when to comes to being a great time manager?

Looking to create a solid foundation when it comes to dealing with your calendar and schedule?

In this post I offer a collection of ten basic time management tips to help you better manage your time. Each of the tips link to previous posts I’ve written on that particular subject.

Learn and master these ten tips and you’ll be well on your way when it comes to being more in control of your time!

How to Review a Schedule Properly

When it comes to reviewing your schedule, do you quickly glance at it and hope it will magically reveal its secrets to you? You might think reviewing a schedule means taking a passive approach, but the fact of the matter is that you must be active. Think of it like this: just as you are active when you deal with the different people, materials and items during each of the specific meetings and appointments in your schedule, you similarly need to interact with your schedule a whole to get a better grip on your time.    

How to Create a Time Buffer

If you regularly find yourself arriving late to meetings, missing deadlines, or feeling as if you have no time to catch your breath, or it might be time to consider adding time buffers to your schedule. Time buffers are just little pockets of time sandwiched between your normal activities and routines. They are great for those times when traffic is heavy, an unexpected mini-crisis arises, or when you need a fifteen minutes coffee break all to yourself.

How to Get Back on Schedule After a Delay

Every once in a while life throws us a curve-ball: we become ill, different work issues pop up, personal situations change… While delays are inevitable and almost impossible to predict, it’s how you get back on schedule that really counts. Slowly, but surely, taking bigger and bigger steps each day can get you back on track and back in the game.

How to Negotiate Tight Schedules

Having trouble trying to schedule an appointment? Do you feel as if your schedule is getting more and more jam-packed and never matches up with anyone else’s? Negotiation is a key skill in life and can help you make the most out of tricky time management situations. Knowing what is up for negotiation in your calendar can help you navigate the rough waters of scheduling issues.

How to Deal with Someone Who Arrives Late to a Meeting

Are you the recent victim of a late arrival to a meeting? We’ve all been there… It sure stinks to have to deal with anyone’s lateness and the key here is to not waste any more time than necessary to get things back on track and on schedule. Forgive, forget, and move on with your agenda.

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How to Deal with a Double-Booked Schedule

At one point or another you’re going to have a double-booked schedule, be it an honest accident or not. Instead of getting flustered and worried, it’s important to take action and make a quick correction so the rest of your schedule doesn’t get out of whack. The sooner you address the issue, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

How to Spend Your Time When You’re Waiting for a Meeting to Begin

Tick-tock, tick-tock…you’ve arrived early to a meeting and are sitting there twiddling your thumbs. You also say you have not a moment’s time to take care of the little things in life, so why not make the most of the time you have? There’s a lot of things you can do to pass the time and make use of the time you have productively. All it takes is a bit of creativity and effort.   

How to Respect Other People’s Time

You might think your schedule is only your concern, but the fact is your schedule deals with a lot of other people’s time. We’re all living through the days here on planet earth together. Learning how to respect other people’s time means you also are showing respect for your own time and everything else you have to do on a regular basis.

How to Manage Time During a Meeting

A well-managed meeting doesn’t just happen by accident; it requires a lot of planning and careful attention. Just as you wouldn’t start a car, place a brick on the accelerator and shift the car into drive and expect the car to get from your house to work or to any other destination, a meeting requires a driver who is properly attuned. Once you learn how to take control of and manage time in a meeting the right way, you’ll see how effective and productive a meeting can really be!

How to Stay Focused and Attentive

We all know time is precious. A key piece of time management is learning how to actually live in the moment and pay attention. What’s the use in attending a meeting, lecture, appointment or session if your mind wanders and you get absolutely nothing from the exchange? When you are attentive and focused, you make full and complete use of your time and don’t have to worry about any do-overs or makeups, which in fact, just takes up more of your time anyway.

How about you? Which time management basic are you interested in learning and perfecting? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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