Time Management Tip: Answering The Question – “Why Am I Always Late?”

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Do you find yourself arriving late to a lot of your appointments and meetings?Image of phrase Why Am I Always Late?

Wondering just what it is about your routine or schedule that makes you late?

Today’s post seeks to help you answer the question: “Why am I always late?”

It is one thing being late. It is another thing being late and knowing why you are late. If you can figure out the “why” part, you are halfway there to better managing your time.

Obviously, there are a number of reasons why someone might be late. Some reasons can be controlled or monitored and others times they are just plain unpreventable, such as transportation troubles, traffic accidents, illnesses and so on and so forth.

The idea behind this post is to help you determine if there’s a recurring controllable factor you can control.

Below are some points to reflect upon to help you uncover clues and hopefully solve your question:

Attentiveness (Were you paying attention to the time?)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did I set a time at which to leave my current location for my next location? Did I have an accurate method of keeping time such as a clock, watch, computer, cell phone?
  • Was I engrossed in my work or play?
  • Did I wake up late?
  • Did I set an alarm? If I did set an alarm, did I turn it off and ignore it?

Preparedness (Were you prepared to leave?)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Was I fully groomed and dressed?
  • Were my personal belongings and effects in order for my next meeting?
  • Did I have my lunch/another meal and/or beverage packed, prepared and ready to go?
  • Were others in my household (spouse, significant other, children, pets) prepared and ready to leave?

Distractions (Were you distracted?)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did I get distracted by an email, text, phone call or television show and lose track of time?
  • Did I get distracted by doing some sort of last-minute chore or task before I left?
  • Was I preoccupied with another idea or thought as I was getting ready to leave?
  • Did someone or something stop me on my way out?

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Departure (Was your departure time accurate?)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did I arrive late from another appointment?
  • Did I give myself enough time to leave my current location for the next one?
  • Was my clock accurate and in working order?

Travel (Was your travel time or travel schedule accurate?)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did I give myself enough time to travel from my current location to the next one?
  • Did I know how to get to my destination?
  • Did I travel at too slow of a speed or pace?

How about you? Are you puzzled as to why you are late to appointments and meetings? Need some help figuring it out? Leave a comment below – let’s see if we can’t help you figure it out!

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