Organizing Tip: Put Your Refrigerator in Order

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Earlier this week I came across an article about National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, which happens to be today, November 15th.

Now, I’m not usually one to mark such National XYZ Day occasions, but the article got me thinking about Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general.

Before you start stuffing the good ol’ kitchen appliance with holiday dinner leftovers, wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask yourself, “Just what is in my fridge right now?”

Today’s post offers a few pointers to help you put your fridge in order.… Read More

Productivity Tip: How to Actually Prepare Those Recipes You’ve Pinned on Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest?

You regularly pin various pins, from DIY tips and tricks, to new products and clothing, as well as appealing, tantalizing and mouth-watering recipes.

You’ve been meaning to try out a couple of recipes for months now, but can never seem to get around to actually preparing them…

Never fear, today’s post helps you to finally plan and prepare those recipes!… Read More

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