Organizing Tip: Put Your Refrigerator in Order

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Image of a doll house fridge, photography by R. Isip
There’s one good thing about a doll house fridge…it never needs cleaning out!

Earlier this week I came across an article about National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, which happens to be today, November 15th.

Now, I’m not usually one to mark such National XYZ Day occasions, but the article got me thinking about Thanksgiving and the holiday season in general.

Before you start stuffing the good ol’ kitchen appliance with holiday dinner leftovers, wouldn’t it be a good idea to ask yourself, “Just what is in my fridge right now?”

Today’s post offers a few pointers to help you put your fridge in order.

Chuck any spoiled food.

It should go without saying you should chuck any food that’s obviously spoiled, gone rotten or is looking a bit peaky. You might want to bring round a garbage can or garbage bag to the fridge to make the clean-up process easier.

Take a trip back, way, way back.

Make a special trip to the back of your fridge. You might also consider taking a look at items in the side door of your fridge as well. Don’t forget to take a trip into the back of your freezer for any freezer burned or accidentally opened foodstuffs.

Clean surfaces.

As you’re lightening the load in your fridge, now’s the perfect time to do some cleaning. Remove and clean fridge trays with hot and soapy water and be sure to try them thoroughly before reinstalling. Wipe down the bottom of platforms, holders and well as the fridge’s door handles.

Give the outside of your fridge a makeover.

Why should the inside of your fridge get all the love? Take down and recycle any expired coupons, invitations, calendars, notes and other items you no longer need. Get rid of weak or flimsy magnets – they’re not very usefully at holding up pieces of paper and the like.

Now to you… do you think you’ll give your fridge a quick clean-out today or this weekend? Or are things pretty much in order? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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