3 Smart Tips to Declutter Any Room

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Are you tired of dea3 Smart Tips to Declutter Any Room ling with clutter in your home?

Looking for a few smart ways to distinguish clutter from your everyday belongings?

While we often tend to think of clutter as small bits and pieces of paper or miscellaneous items, clutter can also take the form of large, and rather obvious items.

In fact, we can sometimes have large items of clutter sitting in a room and not even realize we are living in a cluttered environment!

In this post, I offer three smart tips to help you declutter almost any type of room you can think of.

The tips that follow are general in nature and can be applied to pretty much any room of the home.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some food for thought when it comes to removing unwanted or unnecessary items in your living space.


Remove items that belong in another room.

It makes perfect sense that items should be stored in the area of the home in which they are most suited. A frying pan would be more at home in the kitchen than the living room, a collection of receipts would be better off in the home office or filing cabinet, and a power drill might be stored in the basement or garage.

Of course, like many things in life, things don’t always go as planned. You may have picked up and placed an item on a countertop, table, or near piece of furniture for a few moments with full intention of putting the item back where it belongs. Perhaps you were inadvertently distracted or interrupted in the process; you may have had to answer the door or tend to a last-minute phone request.

Regardless of how items ended up in a room, it is rather easy to put things back in order. All you have to do is take a look around any room of your home and evaluate the contents. Do the contents of the room accurately reflect the room’s function? Do any items look conspicuously out-of-place? Which items are stored in the wrong area or location? After you do this, it’s just a matter of putting things back where they belong.

Remove items that are clearly meant to be recycled, donated, or placed in the trash.

A simple way to declutter any room is to address and take care of those items which have been clearly marked as recycling or trash. Some may view this act as tidying or cleaning up a room, but another way to view this is as the final completion of a previous organization or decluttering project.

Here’s a quick example for you: you may spent the last few weeks decluttering your bedroom closet. You packed up everything into garbage bags, and had every intention of dropping off the clothes at the local donation center. Yet for some reason or another, you were unable to complete the task at that very moment. If you haven’t yet guessed, now is a great time to finally take care of that, and any other previously postponed tasks.

What types of previously packaged and ready-to-go items do you have in your home? These packages can take almost shape and form: magazines and newspapers bundled up in twine and ready for recycling, a gift bag or care package for a close friend or a neighbor, a shopping bag or two of books to be donated to your local library, or defunct and dismantled electronics that have been prepared for recycling.

Remove and return items that don’t belong to you.

Another way to declutter items from your home is to return items to their rightful owners. You may be surprised at what you currently have sitting in your home that’s taking up valuable storage and living space. You may have recently borrowed a couple of folding chairs from a friend, or a wrench from a neighbor, and a few paperbacks from a coworker. When you return these items, not only will you be doing the right the thing by reuniting items with their rightful owners, you’ll also have fewer items taking up space in your home.

It’s worth setting aside a few minutes to take inventory of any and all borrowed items in your home. You may already have a mini list of items in your head (in this case, you can quickly jot down items in a list and then go off to retrieve them), or you may want to start from scratch and work your way through each room of the home, focusing on one area in each room at a time.

For example, you may start in your kitchen and work your way through each pantry door to discover a glass casserole dish from a potluck that needs to be returned to your next door neighbor. Or, you may start in your master bedroom closet and eventually locate a dress and belt borrowed from your best friend for a recent cocktail party.

This tip also applies to any items you may have been holding on to for a friend or family member. If you’re tired of staring at that giant orange vase of your cousin’s in your living room, or that collection of your brother’s vinyl records in your den, make the necessary arrangements now for the item to be either picked up or dropped off.

How about you? Which of these three tips resonated the most with you? What items are you going to declutter from your home? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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