Productivity Tip: Produce Something Beautiful

Intricate Metal Gate, photography by R. Isip
Someone produced this beautiful metal gate…

When you hear the word ‘productivity’ do you think of processing emails in an inbox in a flash, breaking a new personal record running errands, or working quickly on a project at the office?

In today’s world, we tend to gauge our productivity levels by the rapid completion of tasks. But are we missing out in our ability to be productive in the grander scheme of things? That is, by producing something unique, memorable…or even beautiful?

Today’s post gives you some food for thought when thinking about productivity. Instead of just focusing on how fast we work, why not take a look at the quality of our work both on the micro and macro level?

Use your innate talents.

What natural gifts or skills do you possess? Where could you use your talents in your daily life to produce great work for yourself and others, no matter your profession? For example, if you are a chef you could be productive in using your cooking and presentation skills for making a delicious dinner for a couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary, or if you are a customer service representative you be productive by using your excellent diplomacy skills to help calm down customer and successfully solve their problem with service or a product.

Challenge your perception of beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are universal truths that can help make a more beautiful world for everyone: being kind, thoughtful and considerate for example. You can be productive in so many different, yet simple actions: holding a door open for a stranger, lending an ear to a worried friend, or running an errand for a neighbor who is homebound for example.

Think globally, act locally.

Of course there will always be times when you need to get things done just for the sake of getting things done — sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! But during those other times, why not consider what beautiful task, goal or project you could produce to be a true productive member of society…right in your own backyard?

What do you think? Do you view productivity as a means to an end or vice versa?

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