Organizing Tip: Wallet Clean Up

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Most likely you use your wallet at least once every day, but do you know what’s actually inside it?

Are you tired of struggling with overflowing receipts and crammed cards?

A wallet clean up is a quick and contained organizing project that will yield visible results right away.

Ready? Grab your wallet, clear off a counter or table and let’s begin!

Remove and quick sort wallet contents.

You should be able to make three unique piles with the contents of your wallet: 1) items to keep (driver’s license or ID, credit/debit/ATM/bank cards, insurance cards, library cards, membership cards, cash, coins, checks, etc.), 2) receipts, business cards and other items, and 3) trash.

Do a wallet review.

Now that you’ve taken everything out of the wallet, look at the item itself. Is it in good condition, or is the material ripping or disintegrating? If it’s the latter, you might want to consider replacing the wallet soon so you don’t have cards or other items falling out of torn pockets unexpectedly.

Process “to keep” items.

Look through all items from your first pile. Check expiration dates and make a note to renew cards or update information if necessary. Consider whittling down what you carry and remove a few cards that you don’t use regularly to save space.

Review receipts, business cards and other items.

You can sort and process these items the same day, or another day if you’ve already had your organizing fill. If you want to sort later, drop items in a plastic zippered bag, label with a marker and make a note in your schedule to go through these items.

Trash the trash.

Be sure to properly dispose/destroy of any personal information. Shred receipts, expired cards, statements and anything else that has your name, address or other personal info.

Put items back.

Now that you’ve sorted through everything, start to put items back into your wallet. You should have a little bit more room now after your clean up, which should make it easier to find items when you are on line at the register.

Bonus tip: Use key tags instead of full sized store membership rewards cards to save wallet space.

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