Organizing Tip: Keeping Money Organized In Your Wallet

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How to Keep Money Organized in Your WalletDo you find yourself misplacing bills in your wallet or purse?

Ever wonder exactly how much money you are carrying around at any given time?

Today’s post is a tutorial on how to keep money organized in your wallet.

Why would you want to keep money organized in your wallet?

Here’s a few great reasons:

  • You can discreetly look for bills inside your wallet without flashing cash around in public
  • You reduce the amount of time spent at the register (you spend less time fishing around for bills)
  • You can easily count up how much money you have at any given moment
  • You reduce the chance of accidentally handing over or dropping large amounts of money

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your money in check:

Make a money matrix in your wallet.

Ok, while this might sound complicated, it isn’t — it’s just figuring out a way to store bills in your wallet for easy access and counting purposes.

For example, you could store small denomination bills at the front of your wallet with larger bills in the back or vice versa, keep small bills on the right side of your wallet and larger bills on the left side, keep larger bills in a separate flap and so on.

It all depends on how your wallet is structured and how you like to access your money.

Separate large bills from small bills.

The last thing you want to do is reach into your wallet to pull out a dollar and end up accidentally dropping, or mistakenly forking over a large bill to a cashier.

It only takes a minute to separate large bills from small bills.

Try to get into the habit of dropping like bills with like into your wallet for easy access.

You’ll have a better sense of just how much money is in your wallet at a given time.

Separate small bills into stacks of five or ten.

Ever find yourself with a wad of dollar bills and find yourself repeatedly counting out bills for purchases?

If you’ve got a wad of small bills, count out groups of bills in fives or tens at home before heading out for the day.

You can also tuck away small bills to make up the difference for larger purchases, such as when the bill comes to $23.00, and you already have a $20 on hand.

Tuck away your change.

Breaking a large bill means receiving change (bills or coins).

Obviously, counting your change is a good idea before you leave the register, but it’s probably not a good idea to stand there and organize the money!

Try this quick tip instead: when you receive your receipt and change and, simply fold your receipt over the change and place the lot in your wallet.

If you make a $5.00 purchase with a $20.00 bill, you’ll know you have $15.00 in change wrapped in the receipt. Clever, huh?

How about you…do you have a system or method of keeping track of or organizing money in your wallet? Leave a comment below, and yes, of course aliases are completely fine for this post!

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