Organizing Tip: How to Organize Your Room

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How to Organize Your Room Does your bedroom serve double duty as both a living and work/study space?

Wondering how to keep things in check and in order?

In this post I offer a few tips to help you organize your room…that is, your bedroom!

Carve your room into zones.

Chances are you are using your bedroom for many different purposes such as sleeping, storing clothes and toiletries, as well as working or studying.

To maximize the usage of your room, designate areas where you’ll store materials.

Take a look round your room and see where you can group commonly used items.

For example, your clothes might be stored in a closet or dresser and you might decide to confine your books, notes and laptop to a desk.

Need some help carving up those zones and putting things in order?

Try this organizing grid exercise.

Consider getting rid of some stuff.

Any room, bedrooms included, can only hold so much stuff. If things are getting a bit crowded, it might be time to do some purging to free up some space. Get rid of clothes you never wear, books and magazines you’ve finished reading, furniture you never use, as well as any items that don’t belong in the bedroom in the first place (in which case they can be relocated to another area of the home).

Don’t underestimate your existing storage.

You may claim you don’t have enough space to store clothes in your room, but take a second look. Are clothes tucked neatly in drawers or hung evenly on hangers? Check and see if you are storing items properly and cleanly in their storage locations; you just might have more storage space than you think lurking about. Of course, if your space is in need of needs some storage, you might need some other organizing or storage solutions.

Tidy up regularly.

One of the top reasons why things get messy in any room is that items are not tidied up regularly. It doesn’t matter specifically when you tidy up, so long as you do on a regular basis. Simple steps such as putting dirty clothes in a hamper, clean clothes in a dresser, putting away books, toiletries and other materials can really go a long way in keeping a room organized.

How about you? What makes your room unique? How do you keep things in order on a regular basis? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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