Order as Art: Synchronized Sailboats

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The Order as Art series takes a fascinating look at different subjects, patterns, shapes and structures in our world. The goal of the series is to bring you organizing inspiration from the order that exists all around us!

I haven’t posted an entry in the Order as Art series in some time and thought it would be fun to start it up again. As the blurb above states, there’s a lot of organizing inspiration that can be gleaned from the world around us.

Just take a look at this photo of two sailboats on a sailing pond. You might not think much about the sailboats on their own, but in the right position and at the right angle and with a touch of reflection, they become quite stunning.

Image of two sailboats in a pond, photography by R. Isip

How about you? Have you ever come across any ordinary structures which suddenly become more interesting when they are presented in a certain manner? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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