How to Master Time Management Without Breaking A Sweat

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How to Master Time Management Without Breaking A Sweat Do you think time management has to be a long and drawn out process?

Perhaps the phrase, “no pain, no gain,” comes to mind?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to sweat bullets when it comes to managing your time.

In this post, I offer five simple ways to better manage your time.

Use only one calendar or planner.

Having too many calendars and planners in your life just complicates things.

Stick with one for maximum effectiveness.

You can choose to use a paper planner or an electronic calendar.

Make sure you schedule your appointments, write down project due dates, and regularly review your calendar so you know what’s coming up.

Work on a task via timer.

This exercise forces you to get things done in a restricted amount of time. As much as we like to think we have all the time in the world to complete a project, or a task, we don’t. It’s quite simple; set a timer and get to work. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you put your full focus to the task at hand.

Add preparation time to everything you do.

You can apply this tip to meetings, appointments, projects, presentations, and everything else that takes place in your calendar. Keep this rule of thumb in mind: for any item on your calendar, you’ll need time to prepare yourself, or related materials, for that calendar event. This will help you better manage all those days and hours leading up to any event.

Never assume you have plenty of time.

It is foolhardy to think you can make up for lost time. Whenever you’re in doubt, just check to see how much time you do have. Do you really have enough time to watch that hour-long video lesson before getting ready for your 2 P.M. appointment? When in doubt, assume you don’t have the time for an additional activity, and continue on with what you are supposed to be doing…and not what you can squeeze in.

Just say “no.”

There’s only so many hours in a day. Saying “no” allows you to protect your precious time and energy. If your schedule is booked solid, and someone invites you to attend an optional social function, say “Thank you, but I am unable to attend.” You don’t have to apologize, or make up excuses. Now, how easy is that?

Schedule time for yourself.

People often complain they don’t have time for themselves. They’re so busy running around doing things for others, that they don’t stop to put themselves first. There’s no shame in having time to yourself for personal errands, or just to relax. Go ahead and block out time in your schedule for yourself as necessary.

How about you? Do you think time management is a painful process? What’s one simple change you could make to your routine or outlook to better manage your schedule? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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