60 Things to Tidy Up at Work in 10 Minutes or Less

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Image of the Chrysler Building and the phrase, 60 Things to Tidy Up at Work in 10 Minutes Are you looking to tidy things up at work?

Only have a handful of minutes to spare?

In this post, I offer a collection of sixty things you can tidy up in different areas of your office, desk or cubicle.

Each of these tasks should take around ten minutes, or less, to complete.

You’ll be amazed at how much neater your workstation will look with just a little bit of effort!

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Under your desk

1. Empty your trash can

2. Gather electronic cables and plug them into a single power strip

3. Pick up fallen office supplies (pens, paperclips, staples, etc.)

4. Empty your paper shredder

5. Label electronic cables

6. Remove unnecessary work items and store in closet or other location

7. Vacuum underneath your chair and desk

8. Recenter your office chair mat

9. Fix your keyboard tray

10. Pack up shoes you no longer wear at work to take home

On your computer

11. Delete downloaded files

12. Empty your desktop trash

13. Remove old sticky notes from your computer monitor or keyboard

14. Download software updates

15. Back up your computer files

16. Delete cookies in one of your internet browsers

17. Create folders on your desktop

18. Delete expired, or unneeded emails

19. File a handful of files on your desktop

20. Synchronize your computer files with your cell phone, laptop, or tablet

On top of your desk

21. Change or charge the batteries in your computer mouse

22. Delete old voicemail messages on your landline

23. Collect mugs/cups and clean them in the kitchen

24. Throw away pens or markers that have dried up

25. Label electronic charger cables

26. Untangle your landline phone cord

27. Change the lightbulb on your desk lamp

28. File five manila folders in a filing cabinet

29. Collect books and return them to the bookcase

30. Adjust the height of your computer monitor

Around your workstation

31. Adjust the height and tilt of your desk chair

32. Dispose of ancient containers of previously opened food or snacks

33. Enter a couple of business cards into your contacts list or database

34. Take your spare blazer, shawl or sweater to the dry cleaner

35. Remove a few items from a desk drawer so you can close it

36. Change batteries on an analog clock or reset a digital clock

37. Locate your stapler, scissors, and cellophane tape dispenser

38. Make use of a pair of unused bookends

39. Fill a desk drawer tray with office supplies

40. Try out that set of mystery keys in your desk drawer

Above your desk

41. Lighten the load on an overstuffed shelf

42. Replace an outdated calendar

43. Adjust items so you can shut the door to an overhead cabinet or compartment

44. Remove expired, outdated, or other unneeded items from a bulletin board

45. Change or replace a lightbulb above your desk

46. Update any licenses, certificates or permits

47. Organize books and binders on a shelf

48. Mount a dry erase board or bulletin board

49. Throw out expired guides and instruction manuals

50. Make a holder for push pins, dry erase markers, and erasers

Around the perimeter of your office, cube or workstation

51. Hang a painting or other wall decoration that’s been sitting on the floor

52. Water houseplants

53. Remove items sitting directly in front of windows

54. Recycle a stack of newspapers or magazines

55. Change the toner in your printer

56. Fix a broken doorstop or doorknob

57. Clear off your guest chair

58. Return unused office supplies to the supply cabinet or closet

59. Fill your printer or fax machine with paper

60. Move items sitting directly in front of a filing cabinet

How about you? Which of these tasks will you take on to tidy up your office or workstation? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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