Productivity Tip: How to Be Productive at Work Without Using the Internet

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Go back to basics when the internet fails…

It’s happened to all of us.

You’re working on your computer when all of the sudden you find yourself with no internet connectivity or reception.

What do you do? How do you cope? Can you get any work done?

Of course you can!

Today’s post gives you some food for thought the next time the internet temporarily goes out at work.

Before we get started, I’m completely aware there are alternative computing options available when the internet goes down such as: using your smartphone or cell phone and/or picking up your laptop or pad and going to a place where there is internet connectivity and continuing with work as usual.

This post is meant to get you thinking and remind you that your ability to be productive at the office, or anywhere for that matter, is not based solely on internet connectivity. All you need is a change in perspective and a bit of creativity.

Here’s several ideas to get you started:

Off-line computer tasks

Draft an email. There’s no law saying you can’t draft an email while the internet is down (you just can’t send the email, of course).

Empty your digital trash bin. When’s the last time you cleared out your digital recycle bin/trash bin?

Back up your computer. When’s the last time you backed up your computer’s files?

Clean out your email inbox/sent box. This tip is pretty much self-exclamatory.

Clean up your computer’s desktop. Trash items you no longer need; file away the rest.

Get rid of duplicate files. Save future headaches by deleting duplicate files. Be sure to double-check contents of files before deleting.

Read or review an electronic document. A document could be in a word processing program or saved as a PDF.

Review your calendar. What’s coming up this week/next week/the week after? How are your projects coming along?


Physical office tasks

Do some paper filing. File papers and materials that are on or nearby your desk, get rid of/shred files that are no longer needed, move old files into archives or storage.

Pick up the phone. Just because the internet is down doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the phone and have a productive conversation.

Have a check-in meeting with a colleague…in person. Reconnect with co-workers to reassign priorities and make sure deadlines are met.

Clean your desk. Clean clutter from your desk and give your desk a good wipe-down with a sanitizing cleanser.

Catch up on some reading. Have a newspaper or trade/industry magazine, books or PDF lying about?

Brainstorm. Brainstorm ideas for your current or next project.

Process expenses. If you’ve been meaning to process those expenses from your last business trip, now’s the perfect time to do so.

Now to you… have you ever lost internet connectivity at work? What was it like? What did you do in the meantime to get on with your work? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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2 Responses

  1. Moreen Torpy

    These are very good ideas, and many of them can be used if the electricity fails as well. Nothing like having some manual work to do when the computer isn’t available.

    • theorderexpert

      Thanks. Yes, it really is a good reminder you can get a lot done without certain tools, be it electricity or computers. Thanks for stopping by!