Productivity Tip: Are Your Clothes Slowing Down Your Productivity?

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Are you looking to become more productive at home, work or school?Image of phrase Are Your Clothes Slowing Down Your Productivity?

If so, you might want to take a good hard look in your closet, wardrobe or dresser.

Today’s post provides some interesting food for thought: could the clothes you own/wear on a regular basis be slowing down your productivity?

The Power of Clothing

I’ve always found it fascinating at how much of an influence clothing has on our lives.

Clothes not only keep us warm, protect us from the elements, allow us to show our personal styles and tastes, but can be quite telling about our professions, schooling, social status, backgrounds and the like.

Clothes make a difference in how we are perceived by others and society in general; just take a look at these common phrases we’ve all heard time and time again:

Clothes make the man.

Don your power suit.

Dress for success.

If clothes can be so powerful just by looks or appearance alone, then surely clothing has something to do with how productive we can be while working on a project, task or job.

How do your choices in clothing affect your ability to work or produce your best work?

Here are a few self-reflection questions to ask yourself about your wardrobe:

  • What pieces of clothing or outfits put you in a frame of mind to work productively: at work? at home? while running errands?
  • Do you work more productively at home/work with restrictive clothing versus loosely fitted clothing? What about conservatively styled clothing versus trendy or current fashions? Is your wardrobe an accurate reflection of your answers?
  • Do you find yourself constantly being distracted by your clothing as you work? Are you wearing too small or too large of a size, do seams not match up correctly, does fabric pinch, chafe or rub you in an unpleasant manner? It is hard to sit/stand/walk in your clothing?
  • Describe your favorite work outfit. What is it about this outfit that makes it your favorite? Do you find you accomplish what you want to do while wearing it? (e.g. My gray suit. The cut is flattering on me. Yes, I feel more comfortable in it and find I always give my best presentations while wearing it).
  • Describe your favorite lounging outfit. What is it about this outfit that makes it your favorite? Do you find you accomplish what you want to do while wearing it? (e.g. Sweatpants. They are super-soft and comfortable. Yes, I can lounge around and watch TV in comfort).

Now to you…in your opinion, what types of clothing or outfits make you produce your best work? It could be work done at home or at the office. Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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2 Responses

  1. Betty Winslow

    Working in a K-5 school, I find I need to be even more careful about shirt length (no skin flashes, please), necklines, and hemlines. I try on school outfits in front of a mirror, bending, stretching, reaching above my head, bending over to pick something up, to make sure everything works together. Then, I can dress and go, confident that I’m covered for the day.

    • Rashelle

      It sounds like you’ve got your wardrobe down to a “T”, Betty! I do similar wardrobe tests before heading out for presentations. Thanks for sharing.