Working Under a Deadline? Don’t Worry, It All Gets Done

Image of Atlas Statue in Rockefeller Center, NY, NY, photography by R. IsipHave you ever been up against a tight deadline at work or home?

One moment things seem chaotic and out of control and the next moment things are wrapping up nicely.

How the heck did that happen?

In today’s post I provide some friendly inspiration to remind you that what needs to get done, does in fact, get done.

Take a deep breath and get focused.

All the worrying in the world won’t help you become more productive. Time is still going to pass whether you are worrying or not, so why not cut yourself a break and take a moment to gather your thoughts?

Convert the energy you would have used worrying about X, Y and Z, and instead use that energy towards completing X, Y, Z. What needs to get done right now? What steps can you take to get other tasks in motion? What tasks can you personally take care of at the moment?

Remember, things are constantly in motion.

Sometimes it might seem as if things are at a standstill or perhaps even moving backwards when you’re under a deadline. This couldn’t be further than the truth! Things are constantly changing, the days are passing by, you’ve accomplished different tasks, you’ve learned new information or skills and you’ve worked with different people, materials and information. Even when things seem to be outside of your personal control, the pieces of the puzzle are moving together and sorting themselves out.

You’ve made it through other deadlines and you’ll make it through this one too.

You’ve probably been through a fair share of deadlines; the only thing is you probably don’t remember them too well! Even if you can’t remember a specific deadline or project, you’ll probably remember the feeling of the turning point in your work. You know, things seemed very bleak at one point, but then, as if by magic, there was a break in your work or project and things suddenly came together. Grasp that feeling and know that it is coming to you. Imagine how wonderful it will feel to be finished with your work. Pretty soon this deadline will just be a fleeting memory too…

How about you? Do you have a recent deadline you didn’t think you’d make, but in fact did? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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