Want to Be More Productive? Do This Instead of Buying a Productivity App 

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Boost Your Productivity...Without an AppAre you looking to give your productivity a boost at work or school?

Do you want to finally finish that project that’s been sitting on the shelf for the past few months?

Sometimes, the solution to getting things done is not to purchase another app, tool, or device.

Rather, it is to simply apply yourself to your work.

In this post, I present a few helpful tips to assist you in getting things done.

Make a detailed plan…and act on it.

Planning often gets pooh-poohed as something boring, and dull.

A plan’s just a plan, right? This is far from the truth!

Planning can help you get things done more quickly and efficiently. It can also help you save time and effort.

The key is not to become overly involved in your plan so much so that it hinders you from getting things done.

Make a plan, and then act on it. What steps must be taken to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be?

Set a firm deadline.

You know those projects that go on and on without any end in sight? Yeah, they probably didn’t have a firm deadline.

Hold yourself to completing your work by selecting not only a date, but a time, for your deadline. Enter your deadline into your calendar.

Don’t be afraid of doing this; remember, you want to finish your work, not have it drag on for weeks or months on end.

Work a little bit on a project each day.

Find it difficult to book long, interrupted periods of time so you can work? Why not make use of those small bits of time?

Do thirty minutes of work today, tomorrow, and so on, and pretty soon you’ll have amassed a whopping five hours’ worth of solid work.

Just chip away at your project, little by little. It’s far better than doing absolutely nothing.

Give your work your full attention.

Constant distractions can end up turning brief work sessions into marathons. Switch off that cell phone, tell people you’re not to be disturbed, log off of email and social media accounts, and stow away those books and files.

Now, just sit down and work. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done without constantly being interrupted.

How about you? Have you ever fallen into the productivity app trap? When did you realize you just needed to sit down and do your work, instead of searching for another app? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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