Top 30 Blog Posts of 2018

Top 30 Blog Posts of 2018

Do you want to be more organized and have less clutter in your home and workspace in 2019?

Are you looking to better manage your work schedule, family time, personal time, errands, and just plain life?

Maybe you want to learn how to work more efficiently and kick the habit of procrastination.

If so, I’ve got some good news for you.

You’re in the right place!

In this annual blog post roundup, I offer a collection of the top 30 organization, time management, and productivity blog posts from 2018.

This collection includes the most popular blog posts amongst my readers and followers over the past calendar year.

I always have fun compiling these annual blog post roundups. It’s really interesting to see which posts make the cut, and which ones don’t.

Even though I’ve been doing these compilations for several years (you can check out top posts from years past at the bottom of this post), it’s almost near impossible to predict which blog posts will be the most popular and/or well-received with readers.

Of course, this uncertainly really does make the process that much more interesting!

For example, as you browse the top posts below, you may find some of your favorites from 2018, and you might even find some that you didn’t catch the first time around. Exciting right?

For your convenience, I’ve organized the posts into three practical categories, Top 2018 Organizing Blog Posts, Top 2018 Time Management Blog Posts, and the Top 2018 Productivity Blog Posts.

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And now without further ado, the Top 30 Blog Posts of 2018!

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Top 2018 Organizing Blog Posts

10 Practical Decluttering Tips to Try Today

You’ve tried decluttering before, but for some reason your decluttering sessions fell short. These tips will help you attack clutter in a down-to-earth and wholly practical manner.

How to Declutter Your Life

Could your life use a little less…stuff? This post offers some thoughtful ways to declutter items from your life, be they small or large, at home or work, old or new.

How to Be an Organized Person

If being more organized is on your list of self-improvement to-dos, you’ll need to take a few lessons from organized people. Here are some of the top rules organized people follow every day.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

This spring, make your annual cleaning routine a breeze! This helpful spring cleaning checklist will have you ready to roll up your sleeves, clear out those cobwebs, and scare away the dust bunnies.

How to Declutter Your Home

Looking to remove some magazines, books, clothes, or any other combination of items from your home? This tutorial with quick and easy decluttering tips is here to help you out.

How to Get Organized at Work

Getting organized at work can really increase your productivity levels, not to mention make your workspace look neat and professional-looking. Be sure to check out these practical organizing tips for your workspace.

How to Stay Organized By Writing Yourself Notes

When’s the last time you wrote yourself a note…or two? I came up with the idea for this post after I discovered a cache of notes I had written for myself several weeks prior. The notes saved me from wasting a lot of time and energy. You should learn this simple, and extremely valuable technique, too!

How to Declutter Your Home Office

Home offices can sometimes turn into impromptu dumping grounds as in, “Where should we put this spare TV, dinette set, and five boxes of clothing…how about the home office?” That’s why you’ve got to stay extra vigilant when it comes to keeping your home office clutter-free.

7 Things to Declutter from Your Computer

You declutter physical items from your home and office, but how about all those digital files, photos, documents, and more sitting on your computer? Clean things up ASAP on your digital device with these decluttering ideas.

How to Get Organized After Shopping at a Big Box Store

Big box shopping can certainly save you some serious cash, but can really cramp your style in the package department. Find out how to bring your home back to order after hitting your favorite warehouse or wholesale store.

How to Organize a Personal Care Item Kit

Do you want to make your travels about town and the world in general more comfortable? One easy way to do this is to create a personal care item kit. You’ll find all the instructions you need in this post.

Top 2018 Time Management Blog Posts

19 Fun Things to Put on a Calendar

When you think of things to put on a calendar, what do you think of? Do doctor’s appointments, exam dates, work meetings, and other less than exciting items pop into your head? This post reminds you that calendar entries don’t have to be dry and boring.

27 Posts to Improve Your Time Management Skills

If your time management skills are in need of a tune up, look no further than this collection of 27 posts. In this time management blog roundup, you’ll find a variety of tips, from practical time management techniques, to inspirational time management strategies, to time management skills for work and home.

5 Time Management Strategies to Help You Manage Your Schedule

Managing your time at home or the office doesn’t have to take hours of your time. You can apply a few targeted time management strategies today, and reap the benefits almost immediately. What’s more, you can these strategies again and again to keep your schedule in order.

How to Manage Your Time

Did you know? Anyone can learn how to better manage their time. There’s no mystical magical formula or incantations to recite, you just need to be willing to let go of those actions that don’t work, and embrace time management techniques that do.

75 Time Management Ideas to Try Today

From taking breaks, to spending quality time with those you care about, time management ideas don’t have to be super complicated. Phew! You’re sure to find a couple of gems in this post to test out over the next week and month.

Stop Wasting Time at Work: Avoid Holding These 7 Meetings

We’ve all been in meetings that shouldn’t have been called (or held) in the first place. Make sure you know which types of meetings you should avoid holding at all costs with this helpful guide.

How Managing Your Time Can Help Reduce Stress

This may sound counterintuitive, but managing your time can really help you reduce your stress levels. Why is this the case? It’s all about making plans for yourself the future, so you’re not caught off-guard or unawares. What a relief!

4 Time Management Solutions that Are Easy to Implement

Looking for a few easy-peasy time management solutions that you actually tackle today? Look no further than this compact collection of four time management solutions.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Ahh, procrastination. It’s bound to rear it’s ugly head in your life sooner or later. All the more reason to know how to handle the dreaded procrastination beast when it strikes with this helpful and no-nonsense tutorial.

Top 2018 Productivity Blog Posts

8 Ways to Be More Productive in 2018

Make sure you start the new year off right! This post was top this past year, and it’s probably safe to say that this one is sure to be a winner in 2019 as well.

12 Thoughtful Productivity Tools to Help You Get Things Done

Productivity tools are great things to have on hand. And the best part is that these tools don’t have to be flashy or complicated apps or programs! This list of thoughtful productivity tools will really set you up for success.

How to Stay Focused at Work

Are you constantly losing focus while at work? Here are a few handy tips to help you keep your focus laser sharp, and you productive!

3 Reasons to Put that Project on the Back Burner

Okay, so that project didn’t quite turn out as planned. You could push forward with your work, or you could let things sit on the back burner for a bit. Give yourself some food for thought with this post.

How to Be More Productive

If you want to be more productive, you’ll definitely want to read this post. This primer will help you set a solid foundation for your work, errands, and to-dos.

How to Get Things Done

Getting things done isn’t rocket science. It’s about setting an intention, creating the right environment, and you guessed it, getting to work. Here’s how to do just that.

3 Things to Remember if You Want to Be a More Productive Person

Okay, so you want to be a more productive person in the coming months. You just need to remember some very simple, but extremely important statements or affirmations to keep you going when things go not as planned.

5 Common Productivity Tools You Probably Haven’t Considered

We’ve said it before, and we’ll said it again…productivity tools don’t have to have fancy bells, or whistles, or even be a digital app. The only question is: are you making use out of these five common productivity tools?

21 Posts to Help You Increase Your Productivity

If you’re ready to give your productivity a boost, you can’t go wrong with a collection of posts to help you get more things done in less time. Start here and be sure to keep this post in your back pocket.

Goal-Setting How to Guide

Have you been thinking about setting goals for yourself in 2019? Whether they are New Year’s Resolutions, a meaningful personal goal, or a challenging professional goal, you’ll want to keep this goal-setting how to guide by your side now, and throughout the new year.

Previous Top Blog Posts

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How about you? What were your favorite posts on the blog in 2018? What blog post subjects would you like to see on the blog in 2019? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

Looking to get organized in 2019? If you’re looking for even more organization guides and resources, be sure to check out my eBooks, 31 Easy Ways to Get Organized in the New Year, The Order Expert’s Guide to Time Management, How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days, The Order Expert’s Calendar Printables and How to Plan a Great Event in 60 Days: The Course. 

Top 30 Blog Posts of 2018

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