Top 10 List: 10 Tips To Help You Be On Time

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Feeling a bit fuzzy when it comes to being on time for an appointment?

Need some assistance in the time management department?

Here are 10 tips (five practical and five creative) to help you be on time to your next meeting or appointment:

Number 10. Carry or wear a device that keeps time.

An oldie but goodie…how can you be on time when you’re not sure what time it is? Refer to your cellphone, your car’s clock or wear a wristwatch.

Number 9. Lay out your clothes the night before.

You won’t waste time thinking about what to wear. Everything will be ready to go; all you’ll have to do is get dressed.

Number 8. Go to bed early.

Do your mind and body a favor and make sure you get enough sleep for an earlier-than-usual morning meeting.

Number 7. Schedule a rote task before a meeting.

You’ll get work done without getting bogged down by nitty-gritty details. You’ll also be more focused and aware of time (you know, than if you were working on a more complicated task that requires more of your attention).

Number 6. Schedule travel time into your calendar.

You check your calendar daily to review appointments right? You’ll have a built-in reminder for when you need to leave for your next meeting.

Number 5. Work standing up before your next meeting.

Most of us sit while doing desk work and have to unpeel ourselves from our chairs for a meeting. If you work while standing up, you’ll already be up and at ‘em and ready to head out the door.

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Number 4. Motivate yourself with an in-transit reward.

Set aside an en route reward to look forward to when traveling for a meeting: listen to your favorite podcast or new music album (by car or public transportation), read a book or magazine you’ve been meaning to read (public transportation).

Number 3. Use a musical cue.

Play your favorite album before an appointment. Just make sure the album length and the time you have to leave match up correctly. When the music ends, it’s time to leave!

Number 2. Make a bet with a friend.

If you need a dose of healthy competition or motivation, make a wager with a friend that you’ll arrive on time to your next meeting or appointment, otherwise you’ll pay for coffee or lunch when you next meet (heh heh).

Number 1. Jump start time.

Ask a friend or family member to reset your phone, computer, clock or watch to run an hour fast without you seeing them do it or telling you that they made the change (caution, this tip is not for the faint of heart!).

How about you? Do you find you have more trouble keeping track of time or misjudging time when you are trying to make it to an appointment or meeting? Or is there another factor that throws you off? Leave a comment below.

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