Time Management Tip: Practice Healthy Time Management

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Make a toast to your health…and healthy time management!

Happy New Year! We continue our New Year’s mini-series inspired by the traditional saying, “A Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year.” Today’s post features a new way to look at time management — through the lens of health. Be sure to check back on Saturday for the last installment of the series. Missed the first installment? Click here.

Do you have a healthy relationship with time?

Do you feel your time management skills could use a check-up?

Today’s post exercises your approach to and provides food for thought on time management and how you relate to time.

What does it take to be healthy? At the bare minimum there’s eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep and exercise. Actually, being healthy is a lot like managing time well; you not only have to pay careful attention to what is going on in your body/schedule, but need to make necessary changes and modifications in order to get the results you wish.

Here are a couple of tips to help you manage your time…all through the lens of health:

Understand what feeds your need to make use of time

Surprisingly, many people aren’t aware of how they use their time…it just kind of happens. But there are things that drive us to use our time: work, errands, relaxation, recreation, family obligations and other duties. If you are not sure as to how you are using or spending your time, look to what is feeding your need to use that time. Is it a necessity or is it unnecessary? Can you make changes, delegate or re-prioritize items to allow to you to have more time in another area of your life?

Quench your time thirst

While a new calendar year is a common time marker for goals (New Year’s resolutions anyone?), the sheer immensity of a year often gets lost in our day-to-day affairs. Satisfy your thirst for change, goal setting and the passage of time by making your own personal deadlines. You’ll be that much more aware of the passage of time and will be better able to make timely adjustments to your plans.

Take a snooze…from timekeeping

Time is a funny thing; it’ll keep on going even if we don’t have a clock or watch readily on hand. Constantly watching and doing things by the clock all the time can do more harm than good. Take time keeping breaks as necessary to reset your approach to time. Whether you are on a two-week vacation in a remote location with no internet or phone service or spending a lazy Sunday morning and afternoon at home with loved ones…just make sure you are truly “off the clock.”

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Adequately exercise your approach to time

We all approach time differently, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t exercise our time muscles. Do you confine yourself to only one way of managing time, such as only timing yourself when working on a task or constantly multitasking? Do you feel there’s always too little time…or too much time? Flex your time muscles by looking at time from another angle. You’ll get a better perspective on time and might find some helpful insights to help you better manage your own schedule and calendar.

Now to you…what are your thoughts on healthy time management? What other health and time analogies can you come up with? Leave a comment below & join in the conversation!

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