How to Organize Your Schedule for Back-to-School Season

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How to Organize Your Schedule for Back-to-School Season August is officially here and you know what that means…back-to-school season is well upon us!

Whether you have children in school, or will be attending school yourself this fall, there’s a lot to consider when you shift from summertime schedule to school schedule.

In this post, I offer a few tips to help you streamline your calendar so you can ease into the swing of things smoothly and with as little headache as possible.

Avoid scheduling major events if you can. 

Is this really the time to throw that massive neighborhood party, have that new widescreen TV installed or schedule major house work?

Your schedule will be well in flux as it is, there’s no reason to add another scheduling issue to the mix.

Still think you can take care of a large change in your schedule or life?

Don’t forget, you’ll also have to take care of the necessary preparations for that upcoming change which means hours of planning, prepping, researching and the like.

Think long and hard about how you will use your time.

Scheduling a major event at this time is not worth the headache or the hassle if you can avoid it!

Overestimate travel time.

Back-to-school season means a lot more cars and buses on the roads and more people taking public transportation. This is one of those rare occasions where it’s highly beneficial to overestimate your travel time. Cut yourself a break and drop in an extra fifteen or 20 minutes here and there in your calendar, if possible.

Don’t have the luxury of adding in fifteen or twenty minutes? Even a five-minute buffer can be a big help! You’ll feel a lot better knowing you don’t have to rush frantically from one place to another and you’ve already accounted for heavy traffic.

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Plan no activity days in your calendar.

Strive to keep at least one day or one large chunk of a day clear in your schedule. This could be a Saturday or Sunday or several evening hours on a weekday. You’ll be running around a lot and will probably be more tired than you think.

Give yourself and your body the benefit of the doubt and let yourself relax and adjust. Remember, it takes a couple of weeks for schedules and routines to settle out and you’ll be glad you gave yourself a bit of much-needed R&R time.

How about you? What do you find is the most difficult thing about adjusting to a new schedule? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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