Time Management Tip: How to Respect Your Time

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Image of phrase "How to Respect Your Time" Does it seem as if you never have enough time for yourself?

Wondering how to take charge of your time and schedule?

Today’s post offers a few valuable tips when it comes to better managing your own time.

Honestly evaluate your schedule.

Take a hard look at your schedule for the next few weeks.

What do you see?

How is your schedule arranged or set up as a whole?

That is, is your schedule in line with your goals and best interests?

Do you have more items on your schedule that are serving other people and their interests than your own self, interests and well-being?

If so, it’s time to make some changes wherein you…

Put yourself first.

Putting yourself first in your schedule shows that you are dedicated to having time for yourself.

Life is too short to carve time out of your schedule if, when and maybe there is a bit of downtime in your schedule and if, when and maybe an appointment or meeting is cancelled.

Act right now and schedule in some much-needed time with yourself to meditate or sit quietly, work out at the gym, go clothes shopping, play frisbee with your dog, watch your favorite TV show, read a book or whatever it is you want to do with your time.

Be choosy when scheduling appointments, meetings and events and accepting invites.

Do you really have to attend that completely optional community sports team meeting that will just rehash information listed on your sports teams’ website?

Do you really have to attend the birthday party of your best friend’s, hairstylist’s, fiancee’s, personal trainer?

Sure, it might be nice to attend a function even if you were extended an invite, but if your heart isn’t in it and it is something you can cancel without ill-effect, you might want to do so.

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Streamline time spent with others.

Do you have to meet with someone in person (traveling takes up more time than most people think) or can the issue be solved in a more time-efficient manner such as through a phone call, email, text, online chat or video session?

Likewise, if you know you are going to meet with someone, you could prepare items you’d like to discuss with them ahead of time so you can collect information in one fell swoop.

Don’t over-commit or over-promise.

Are you giving away more time than you can afford?

Remember, saying “yes” to something isn’t always cut and dry.

Agreeing to organize a surprise birthday party for a coworker may be more than just setting up the decorations; it might include collecting party, buying decorations and so on. Know fully what you’re getting into and if you feel you can’t give someone your time, then don’t.

Avoid the “should” syndrome.

Do you tell yourself, “Gee, I should book that hair appointment/ buy that gift for my friend’s new baby/get my laptop serviced?” on a regular basis and don’t act on your thoughts?

Take a tip from that old Jedi Master Yoda and either “do” the task or “do not.”

Otherwise you’ll just be wasting your own valuable time “shoulding” a situation.

Now to you…how do you carve out personal time for yourself in any given day? Leave a comment below and join in the conversation!

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