Time Management Tip: How Do You Perceive Time?

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How do you perceive time?Image of an analog clock with mixed up numbers and curvy minute and hour hands

That is, do you constantly fight against time and feel as if there’s never enough to go around?

Perhaps you think there’s always enough time to do something?

Part of time management requires keeping track of minutes, hours, days and the like, while another part involves your own perception of time.

Today’s post offers you a handful of reflective questions to help you get a better grasp on just how you perceive time.

Who knows, you might just find a new way of looking at or approaching your schedule after this post…

How comfortable are you with keeping to a schedule?

Are you the type of person who likes to arrive early, late, or fashionably late to a meeting or function? Do you like to set your own schedule or do you prefer to follow someone else’s schedule? Are you a clock watcher or do you not pay attention to the time as you work or play?

Does your perception of time change?

Does your perception of time change when it comes to different social and/or professional meetings and gatherings? That is, how do you feel about arriving fifteen minutes late to your best friend’s birthday party? What about arriving fifteen minutes late to a quarterly meeting at work with your supervisor, boss and your company’s regional directors and CEO?

Of course there will be different driving factors as to why you might perceive time differently (e.g. “It doesn’t look good on my professional career if I arrive late to a meeting,”), but do these factors really have as much weight as you put on them when it comes to how you perceive time in the first place?

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Is there something that bothers or annoys you?

Do you feel smug or comfortable with time, feeling as if you have all the time in the world, when in fact you only have 10 minutes to do something? Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed and constantly pressured by time, when in fact you have hours to complete a task that will only take you five minutes to complete?

What can you do to adjust/compensate for your perception of time?

Take one small step to neutralize your time concerns. For example, instead of trying to perfect managing your entire work calendar, you might try to make it a point to arrive on time to every meeting you have, be it in person, via phone or online chat. Or you might decide to set a timer for five minutes to complete a very basic task to make sure you finish it within that time frame instead of dragging it out for hours.

Now to you…do you find your perception of time changes from one social or professional function to another? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below!

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