The Tape That Time Forgot

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Beta? Nope. Cassette? Nope, still wrong. I’m talking about any tape (masking, painter’s, duct, packaging, clear cellophane, matte, etc.), that was used just a few months ago…you know, any tape used for those big X-marks made across external windows in preparation for a hurricane with damaging winds.

The Xs started to appear a day or so before the storm. You’d mostly see them on the windows of people who lived right by the waterside, but occasionally you’d see marks on the windows of people who lived just a tad further inland. What draws me to the Xs is how they represent that brief bit of time spent preparing and getting things in order for an enormous hurricane making a direct path for the city.

Like a flash the hurricane/tropical storm Irene was gone. The flood waters had receded, clean up had begun and life went back to normal. That was in late August. It’s now early November. But for just a brief time somewhere in between those months, the Xs remained behind a shade or a set of curtains, marking that moment in time when we were all watching, preparing, and waiting for the storm to arrive. Of course, the Xs made themselves known once again when someone either 1) opened the window, 2) realized in a flash of remembrance to remove the Xs taped to their window, or 3) just happened to see the Xs from the street.

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