Productivity Tip: How to Plan a Trick-or-Treat Route

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Are you taking your children trick-or-treating this Halloween?

Maybe you’re just a kid at heart and want to appreciate the finer methods of productivity and organization for one’s personal candy gain (who says these subjects can’t be fun?)

Today’s post shows you how to plan a trick-or-route for the maximum candy return on your trick-or-treating investment. … Read More

Productivity Tip: When You Can’t Move Forward, Move Sideways

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Do you ever get stuck working on a project?

You’re rearing to move forward, yet can’t move backwards…it looks like the only way left is to move sideways.

As annoying as this may sound, your project’s sticking point isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

In this post I cover an interesting approach to productivity you might want to consider the next time things prevent you from moving forwards.… Read More

Productivity Tip: How to Work with a Colleague Leaving for Vacation

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One of your work colleagues is getting ready to go on vacation.

You have some important work-related questions to ask before they leave, but you don’t want to get in their way or cause a huge problem at the last minute (you know how that feels).

How should you handle this delicate situation?

In this post, I give you a few tips to help you get things done on your end, while not ticking- off the other person as they prepare for their much-needed vacation.… Read More

App Review: Nag

You’re sitting in a conference room waiting for your meeting to finish, yet the meeting doesn’t end…no one’s watching the time!

Perhaps you’re working hard on a project, so much so you forget to stop what you’re doing and end up leaving late for an appointment.

Need a tool to help you keep track of the time?

In today’s post I review the simple time reminder app for Mac and iPhone, appropriately and humorously named Nag (by Electric Pocket, Ltd.). … Read More

Productivity Tip: What to Do When You’ve Finished a Project

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The day has finally come!

You’ve finally finished that project you’ve been working long for several weeks and months.

You’re ready to move on to a new challenge, perhaps something bigger and better.

Before you start on your next endeavor, there’s a few things you should wrap-up from your recently completed project. … Read More

App Review – Pocket

Today’s post is the start of a new series here on the blog — reviews of organizing, time management and productivity apps! For the time being, I’ll be reviewing a variety of free apps that I’ve downloaded and used recently. I’m looking to do a new review every couple of weeks, so be sure to stop by the blog often!

Have you ever come across an online article, video or blog post that you wanted to set aside and read later?

Puzzled as to where you might possibly store and house all these wonderful bits of information you come across?… Read More

Productivity Tip: How to Actually Prepare Those Recipes You’ve Pinned on Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest?

You regularly pin various pins, from DIY tips and tricks, to new products and clothing, as well as appealing, tantalizing and mouth-watering recipes.

You’ve been meaning to try out a couple of recipes for months now, but can never seem to get around to actually preparing them…

Never fear, today’s post helps you to finally plan and prepare those recipes!… Read More

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