The Hidden Power of Words: Back-to-School Edition

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The Hidden Power of Words series takes a look at the language origins of frequently used words across the subjects of organizing, time management and productivity.

We end this month’s back-to-school series with a look at a collection of school-related words: high school/college/university grade levels. There’s quite a lot of hidden history (and fascinating order) when it comes to the words we use in today’s day and age!Read More

Back-to-School 101 – Time Management Tip: How to Complete a Project in a Timely Manner

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Do you wait until the last minute to begin a school project or assignment?

Perhaps you are no longer in school, but are looking to complete a personal project of your own sometime in the next few weeks or months?

Today’s post tackles one of the most popular time management questions of all…how to complete a project in a timely manner.… Read More

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