Is it Ever Okay to Use Similar Apps at the Same Time?

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Picture this…you’ve just downloaded a brand-new productivity app for your office work and can’t wait to use it.

You then remember you already have an app that you use to track household and personal chores, tasks and errands.

Should you transfer all of your existing info into the new app, or should you keep things separated?… Read More

App Review – Pocket

Today’s post is the start of a new series here on the blog — reviews of organizing, time management and productivity apps! For the time being, I’ll be reviewing a variety of free apps that I’ve downloaded and used recently. I’m looking to do a new review every couple of weeks, so be sure to stop by the blog often!

Have you ever come across an online article, video or blog post that you wanted to set aside and read later?

Puzzled as to where you might possibly store and house all these wonderful bits of information you come across?… Read More

Productivity Tip: What Any App Can Teach You About Productivity

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One of the best productivity teachers in today’s digital world is quietly sitting in your smart phone, tablet or computer.

You might have a handful or several hundred in your possession. These items are easily downloadable, come in a wide range of subjects and are available for free or for purchase for a small some of money.

I’m talking about apps! (That’s application software for the uninitiated.)

While this post isn’t an app review, it does provide some interesting food for thought when it comes to increasing our productivity on a regular basis.… Read More

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